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Buffalo, New York

Within 40 mile radius
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Amelia Aug 22 94 views

How hard will things get?

How hard can college get? What will things be like? Classes, dynamics?

Maddie’s Avatar
Maddie Aug 17 58 views

Why should I focus on not giving up and choosing a new career path?

I really want to be a Vet-Tech but people say it's hard and It's really easy for me to want to quit.

Maddie’s Avatar
Maddie Aug 17 60 views

Why should I focus on not giving up and choosing a mew career path?

I wanna be a vet-tech but people say its hard and its really easy for me to want to quit.

Charlotte’s Avatar
Charlotte Aug 12 127 views

If I do not have a great history in mathematics is a physician's assistant a viable option for me?

I have not historically been interested or successful in the field of mathematics, but a career in dermatology interests me. I do not want to invest to be a dermatologist but to assist.

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Aug 09 66 views

How did you get this job?

I want to know what you had to go through to get the job you have now

Paw’s Avatar
Paw Aug 07 64 views

What should I know about fashion design because that is what I desire?

What should I know about fashion design?

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Jul 01 103 views

How did you figure out you wanted to work within your career field and what do you do most days in your job?

I am a high schooler interested specifically in environmental science/biology and Wildlife conservation or zoology.

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Sonia Jun 16 94 views

If you aren't good at theory should you major in music?

I've only ever had bad theory teachers so I'm not sure if I'm the problem or it's the way theory was taught to me. I'm wondering about auditioning for some schools on viola and I'm confident in my solo and ensemble playing (especially chamber music) but I'm worried about taking the required...

Kaylin’s Avatar
Kaylin May 25 111 views

How should I network to become a well-known fantasy author? Where can I publish my works for free to give a platform for my audience?

I'm a senior at Queens College. I currently major in English and minor in writing. I love to write and have had my writing pieces selected for a scholarship, publication, and awards.

Steve’s Avatar
Steve Apr 15 91 views

What type of phone set-up is needed to get started to enjoy Vloging?

I'm purchasing a phone, and "Vlog" and "monitor" and "shooting grip"
Cost Extra yes .
Should I pay?

Valloree’s Avatar
Valloree Feb 28 296 views

Are there any jobs that involves STEM, and nursing at the same time?

I like STEM and nursing and I don't know if I'll be able to decide between the two.

Maggie’s Avatar
Maggie Feb 21 175 views

Should I go to veterinarians school and some other questions ?

How hard is vertarian school and is it expensive. Is becoming a vet worth it. What jobs are like vets. When being a vet do you have to tend to a certain kind of animal

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jan 26 251 views

What is the best path if I want to follow a business career?

I want to follow something in business but I’m not sure what would be the pest path exactly for me since I want something that is not to much statistics but I also want something that has good pay and maybe even travailing involved but not too much.

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Jan 23 190 views

Volunteer Work

What type of volunteer work can be done for mental health or to put on a resume?

Kemi Christianah’s Avatar
Kemi Christianah Jan 20 355 views

Hcan i get rid of fear in order to develop my career ?

How can I get rid of fear to develop my career?

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