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I want to be an engineer in the future, what career should I follow and what colleges are the best for this carrer?

I want to be an engineer in the future and i want to know more about this career because this is the career that I am trying to study and I want to be a professional at this. #engineer #career-details #college #engineering #mechanical-or-industrial-engineering

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Hi Maicol, if you want to be an Engineer one day, this first question to figure out is what type? There are great schools across the country that have specific engineering disciplines as their number one degree programs, but there are also other universities that provide a wide range of engineering disciplines. For me, it was #aerospace-engineering Engineering and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is considered one of the best for this degree program. Only you can answer what career you should follow, but I'd recommend talking to various types of engineers. My background is Aerospace, but I have colleagues that are civil and work on bridges and roadways. I have Colleagues who are mechanical and work in the oil and gas industry. I have Aerospace college friends that work for NASA. The best thing about Engineering is it is very versatile. With an #engineeringdegree you can really learn anything and go any where. You have the ability to solve problems logically and help others. It's up to you where to start. Below are some websites that might help in your choice:
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My reconmendation for you is to seek out internship opportunities while in high school. If your high school has a coop program then I highly recommend you join. If not print out a list of engineering firms and start cold calling, that is what I did when I was in grade 11. My first coop was in a civil engineering firm and that made me realize that civil engineering was not for me. I enjoyed a more hands on aspect to engineering I do more research and found out that mechanical engineering would be a more suitable path for me. Another benefit for studying mechanical engineering is the flexibility that comes with the degree, it is applicable in any field. As per colleges; I would recommend a college that has a coop program; again doing coop allowed me to understand which role in engineering I enjoyed and also made it easier to find a job after graduation. I myself studied at Waterloo University, in Canada it was a 5yr program with 6 four month internships. This allowed me to work in various fields from manufacturing to consulting. It also gave me confidence preparing my resume, giving interviews and interacting in the work place.
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Start at Ohlone , take some math classes and stat. computer science /software beginning classes to get your feet and interest wet. If you do OK and find that you LIKE these subjects, carry on, if not then you and your folks are not out too much money and local to boot:)

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