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What form of project do Mechanical Engineers get into and what other types of engineers do they work with?

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I am asking this because I have friends who are pursue engineering major in college different from mine (mechanical engineering) so its good to know who I can communicate with when I need help on projects in the future. #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer

3 answers

Glenn’s Answer


Thank you for the question. There are lots of career choices for Mechanical Engineers. I hope that others answer based on their experience. For me, I have been in product development for my career and I have worked on consumer products and medical. Some have been a newer version of existing products and some have been cutting edge. In medical, I have worked on a device that measures blood chemistry through the skin using light. And in consumer products I worked on the Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel.

As far as the engineers that I get to work with, the list is long. EEs for PCB design, other MEs working on the same and different projects, Software as we need to determine what electro-mechanical interfaces are needed, Test Engineers, Reliability Engineers, manufacturing engineers, and the list goes on.

I have also traveled in Europe and Asia for my projects.

Parisa’s Answer


It depends on the industry. For example, in consumer electronics industry, a mechanical engineer works closely with industrial, electrical, software, quality, and supply chain engineers to design a product that works the way it's supposed to, looks good, and at the same time is cost effective.

To give you a better picture of how things work, a thermal engineer constantly negotiates with the industrial engineer on the location and shape of the vent holes to make sure the system is cooled properly while pleasant aesthetically (check out your desktop or laptop; they should have some vent holes in their exterior). Or with supply chain engineers to replace a part with a more cost-effective alternative to save company money while maintaining the same performance.

Gordon’s Answer


NPI if possible or if not fix the errors in design and mfg process, assembly and or sequence of operation.:)