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Gerardo May 24, 2016 862 views

Under what circumstances should a civil engineer use bridge bearings? Why are they so indispensable?

This might be one of the most intriguing questions that I have ever had about my career. Every day I pass by enormous bridges and I can't think but visualize how bridges can withstand great amounts of forces. Essentially, a bridge bearing is a component of a bridge that provides a resting...

Sia’s Avatar
Sia May 20, 2015 1249 views

Minors for mechanical engineering IF...

Hello, I am currently a student of mechanical engineering outside the US. I am planning to join the US for a major in Mechanical engineering & Aerospace and I wish to do a minor. I am in level 2 and a have good knowledge in Autocad, programming language such as html and c and can use matlab....

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An Awesome Student Jan 18, 2021 500 views

How would you go to the galaxy as an astronaut and how long does it take to build a spaceship?

I'm Ms. Balint at the International Community School. My 2nd graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance!

#astronaut #engineering

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Joel Dec 27, 2019 816 views

Between civil and mechanical engineers, which has higher job opportunities

I am confused between civil and mechanical engineering. Which cause to choose #engineering

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Joel Dec 27, 2019 512 views

Between civil and mechanical engineers, who is more relevant to the society


Somkene’s Avatar
Somkene Aug 01, 2019 530 views

I don't know why I want to be a mechanical engineer

I like physics and maths
I enjoy creating / making stuffs #mechanical-engineering #engineering

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Ma Mar 17, 2019 613 views

UCL MEng Civil Engineering offer holder

Hi, I have an offer to read MEng Civil Engineering at University College London (UCL). I read some online reviews on UCL, and there appears to be many bad reviews. I've seen people writing reviews regarding bad admin staff. I've also seen engineering students complaining about errors in the...

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hanfu Mar 20, 2019 704 views

Trying to shift career to software engineering at age of 30. Any advice?

After browsed many pages of questions i barely found q&as about career shift. I would like to throw one. I am a environmental engineer worked for 5 years with a master degree. In recent two years i started feeling more and more interested to the computer science and coding, especially in...

Ariel’s Avatar
Ariel Mar 05, 2019 579 views

What would you say the overall goal of technology is for this generation?

Knowing that this generation is well fond of technology, how far would you say developers would go to make technology advanced than it already is for this generation? #technology #engineer #computer #tech #programming

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Alexis Jan 16, 2019 445 views

How long is it to get R.N.

I'm at job corps

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alexis Apr 16, 2018 1214 views

where are the dealerships that need mechanical engineering work? im interested in this career.

Im going to school in the summer for automotive and i want to get in a dealership and work on cars. #automotive #cars #mechanical-engineering #mechanics #engineering

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Oct 17, 2018 897 views

How can I unlearn perfectionism or use it for good in the career field of event planning?

I need to unlearn my perfectionism. From my career path in the event planning field, I have lived by the mundane details and the desires to deliver flawless projects, proposals, and ideas. I always carry away deep into my projects and tasks by using all my energy and motivation which drains...

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Oct 28, 2018 660 views

What area in biomedical engineering uses the most math Example:biomechanics,tissue engineering, biomaterials etc.

#engineering #biomedical-engineering #career #engineer #math #biomechanics#tissue engineering#biomaterials

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Josseline Aug 27, 2018 659 views

Is a contract linguist a good job option for someone who plans to obtain a degree in criminal justice,who likes to travel,learn different languages and work with computers?

I am interested in learning and mastering as many languages as I can .
I also want to obtain a masters in criminal justice.
My idea is to work with the FBI if possible, but I am not sure if the degree I want to obtain is beneficial for this profession.

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Diamond Aug 29, 2018 844 views

What type of skills do I need to prepare myself for my career?

#career-choice #future-careers