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How can I unlearn perfectionism or use it for good in the career field of event planning?

I need to unlearn my perfectionism. From my career path in the event planning field, I have lived by the mundane details and the desires to deliver flawless projects, proposals, and ideas. I always carry away deep into my projects and tasks by using all my energy and motivation which drains myself. I continually feel collapsed in exhaustion. I hope to lose my perfectionism traits and in turn the idea and my efforts to relearn to focus on the process instead of the product. I hope to gain satisfaction through living in the moment instead of seeing the end goal. I tend to be my harshest critic over the small things that go wrong. I am attached to the strive for perfectionism; this stems from my sense of self-worth with living on the expectations of others. However, I need to shift this perception. I need to get in touch with the value of what I am doing and look forward. I need to break out of unrealistic expectations and feeling less compelled to do things perfectly and make mistakes. My mistakes won’t matter to anyone else nor will they be impressed. My performance needs to be unattached from myself. There is a difference between excellence and perfectionism. Excellence stems from enjoying an learning from an experience and developing confidence from within it. #perfectionism #event #planning #career #betteroneself

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