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What would you say the overall goal of technology is for this generation?

Asked Hartford, Connecticut

Knowing that this generation is well fond of technology, how far would you say developers would go to make technology advanced than it already is for this generation? #technology #engineer #computer #tech #programming

4 answers

robert’s Answer

Updated Huntington Beach, California

The overall goal of everything should be to help make society better while not harming anybody in the process.  This applies very directly to technology.

Spruce’s Answer


<span style="color: rgb(10, 10, 10);">My answer to the question I think you meant to ask is that the hottest new technologies I’m aware of for your generation to conquer are quantum computing, artificial intelligence, carbon nanotubes, autonomous vehicles, biomechanics. The way to stay on top of this is by reading general science happenings and then dig deep into the ones that intrigue you. The next question is usually whether these technologies will still be hot 5-10 years from now when you get out school and the answer is a resounding yes. But as always, most important is that you head for what you want to do as opposed to what the hottest technology is. Have a fantastic career!</span>

Judy’s Answer

Updated Alpharetta, Georgia

Wow, Ariel! That's a GREAT question. Technology as an industry has many facets and, therefore, to answer your question with one overall goal, would be difficult. I work for a huge, high-tech company in the network security business unit. The safety and security of networks (ours and our customers) is top priority. We have a team of leading threat researchers that detect, analyze, and protect against known and emerging threats from malware to ransomware to a host of ever-increasing threats to everyone's data. So, from that perspective, my answer would be that our goal is to not just stay ahead of the bad actors that compromise our personal data, but to stop the it altogether so we can all enjoy the benefits technology has to offer as it evolves.

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Vijay’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California

Make the world a better place by

  1. Making it safer
  2. Making the physical and virtual worlds become one
  3. Making it hyper connected
  4. Making it fun
  5. Making technology for biosciences - 3d printing for regeneration of organs as an example