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Ariel Mar 05, 2019 579 views

What would you say the overall goal of technology is for this generation?

Knowing that this generation is well fond of technology, how far would you say developers would go to make technology advanced than it already is for this generation? #technology #engineer #computer #tech #programming

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Mar 05, 2019 581 views

What is the best HDD for me to get that will not have critical failures throughout it's lifespan? #tech

#technology #computer-engineer #tech

Raylee’s Avatar
Raylee Mar 05, 2019 442 views

In what ways has the improvements in technology negatively impacted our society?

How has it impacted the development of children and teenagers and their learning environment? #tech #technology #computer

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Mar 20, 2019 776 views

What are current job prospects like in technology?

This will help me think about what careers I might want to focus on. What are some of the areas where job prospects are strong? Are jobs more common in some areas? Where is demand for workers much higher than supply? Thank you!
#technology #it

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Jason’s Avatar
Jason Mar 12, 2019 563 views

What degree is recomended for work as a Web Developer?

#degree #web-developer #technology