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Minors for mechanical engineering IF...

Hello, I am currently a student of mechanical engineering outside the US. I am planning to join the US for a major in Mechanical engineering & Aerospace and I wish to do a minor. I am in level 2 and a have good knowledge in Autocad, programming language such as html and c and can use matlab. I am very good in my electrical modules (better than my mechanical modules) and maths. Can I have some advice if should be doing a minor in something and major in aeronautical , and if yes, could you kindly suggest me some?
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Nicholas’s Answer

This is my personal opinion on minors in college. They can be a lot of extra added work on top of your courses for your major, and they do not necessarily provide any benefit in getting hired for a job after college. I would instead suggest that you join a club or organization that will give you relevant experience in the career field that you wish to join after you graduate. There are plenty of computer coding clubs, robotics clubs, aerospace clubs that build rockets, and so much more. This hands-on experience will be much more valuable in helping you get a job, and it will likely be a lot more fun that taking additional classes for a minor. You will meet people in these clubs who share your interests. You will be able to connect with them, build a network that can help you with school work, and even become close friends with them. It is important to be well rounded and have valuable experience as well as education. Do be so focused and overwhelmed with school work and academics that you can't learn in other ways outside of the classroom. Here is a great quote that I hope you appreciate. "I never let school get in the way of my education." -Mark Twain

Best of luck!

Thank you so much mr Miller. I loved your advice. Sia B.