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What advice could someone offer an 8th grader, who wants to be a auto mechanic?

I have always been interested in auto mechanics
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2 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Consider the military! The military gives its people some top-notch training. Mechanics is not as easy as it once was. There are different components you will need to learn: engine, transmission, steering/suspension, drive train, exhaust, electrical/electronics, , etc. And of course, the cars now have computers that are supposed to help with the diagnostics, but, it is still important to be well-trained. The need for training will never stop. And there are different certifications you can get.

Outside of the military, there are some good technical training programs, some of which are reasonably priced. Check out the local junior colleges. Get a part-time job at the first available opportunity, such as working at a shop that does tires, or oil changes. And if possible, find an older mechanic who can tell what is wrong with a car just by listening to the engine, and make him/her your mentor!

Best of luck!

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Hannah’s Answer

Start small. If you know someone who owns a shop, tell them you are interested in becoming a mechanic and then ask them if you can hang out sometime and see what they do. As you spend more time in their shop, they may even start letting you help you. There are some really good trade schools. Look up your local trade school and ask to speak to a professor or teacher there. They will be able to answer any questions you have.

Complete high school then attend job core for diesel mechanics or look for a vocational trade schools Robert O.