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San Francisco, California
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I want to be an aerospace engineer at Boeing or any other big aerospace company. I also have an interest in cybersecurity, so that is also a possible minor for me. I plan to get a degree in aerospace engineering from UC San Diego.


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Eden Mar 31, 2022 447 views

What's some advice for an aspiring aerospace engineer?

Just got into UCSD for an aerospace engineering degree, any pointers would be great!

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Eden Jan 21, 2022 522 views

What are some not so great things to look out for in the engineering field?

I know everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but some insight on what you personally don't like about engineering would be helpful. #engineering #career

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Eden Jan 21, 2022 571 views

Does it matter what university you get into for engineering?

I'm an aspiring aerospace engineering, and I wonder if there's really a big difference between a degree from a "prestigious" university and one from a state university. #university #college #engineer

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Eden Oct 06, 2021 7006 views

How hard it is to find an entry level job as a fresh engineering graduate?

I'm just wondering about my career path after college and I got a bit worried about this question. #job #engineering

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Eden Sep 14, 2021 615 views

What are some good internships in aerospace engineering?

I'm about to apply to college, and I'm wondering what internships there are for aerospace engineer majors that are related to the field. #aerospace-engineering #internship