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What are the chances of getting recruited and playing a collegiate sport?

Asked Festus, Missouri

I have been running track almost my whole life. I am somewhat good nationally and exceptional at my school district. I have done well in the past but this year I performed badly. #career-choice #higher-education #sports

3 answers

Aaron’s Answer

Updated Ann Arbor, Michigan

It all depends on your performance and what coaches are looking for! If you attend sport camps with college teams you probably have an higher chance of getting recruited. But everyone has the ability to get recruited.

I would suggest that you fill out a recruiting online questionnaire form for each sport team you want to be a part of. Get your high school coach to get in contact with the coaches, so they can send videos of you competing/practicing and communicate in general. Also, it’s important to compete your very best and show sportmanship during all of your competitions because recruits come to games all the time to watch.

If you are being recruited by a school, you’ll have a lot of contact with the coaches during your Junior year of high school. During this time they’ll ask if you would like to have an official visit where you can stay for a weekend and get a feel of the school. You only get 5 official visits so choose your schools wisely. When you’re on these visits, it’s a good opportunity to discuss scholarships with the coaches.

Hope this helps!

Linh T.’s Answer

Updated Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hi Tayla,

Have you talked to your current high school coach about being interested in competing at the colliegate level? Your chances also depends on the divison of the insitution which you hope to reprsent by attending their university/college. I found some more information on the NCAA website regarding college recruitment here: http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/research/probability-competing-beyond-high-school

I hope this helps and best of luck to you!

Noelle’s Answer

Updated Morristown, New Jersey

Hi! I played two-sports in college and was barely recruited (didn't play any club and my high school teams werent that great). I reached out to coaches myself from schools that I was interested in and a lot got back to me and I met them and toured the school! I ended up having a very successful athletic career and I am so happy that I reached out.

Noelle recommends the following next steps:

  • Find schools you are interested in (not just for sports)
  • Research to see if they have a track team
  • Find the coach's contact info.
  • Reach out to the coach and explain that you are interested