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David Friedman, RPh

QUALITY-FOCUSED PHARMACIST MANAGER – Expertise in Long-Term Care High-Volume Dispensing Operations & Account Management
Management Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
New York, New York
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Breoni’s Avatar
Breoni Mar 09, 2020 3247 views

Is the salary of a Pharmacy Technician enough to obtain a sustainable lifestyle?

I am a twenty-one year old trade student, studying to become pharmacy technician. Some of my hobbies include sewing, embroidering, and drawing. I am very interested in pursuing healthcare , but I also want to pursue the arts industry.#pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #medicine #pharm-tech...

Amber’s Avatar
Amber Sep 01, 2017 1314 views

What is the best way to plan my college schedule if I want to become a pharmacist?

I am asking this because I would love to become a pharmacist. I would like to know what classes that would help prepare me the best for my future classes.
#pharmaceuticals #pharmacy #pharmacist #pharmacists #medicine #college

Jazmyne’s Avatar
Jazmyne May 25, 2016 946 views

Is there a minimum number of C's that I can make in the science requirements and still be competitive when applying to pharmacy school?

I am going to be a junior in college in the school year 2016-2017, and I want to be realistic of what opportunities I definitely can pursue. I am at a quality academic college and I have a couple of C's. I am very interested in this field and I plan on volunteering with a pharmacist in a few...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Oct 20, 2016 5102 views

What classes should i take in high school if i want to be a pharmacist?

Im still in high school but i need to know what classes to take. #education #career-choice #higher-education #pharmacy #pharmacists #high-school-classes #smart #highways

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Oct 20, 2016 3286 views

What is the hardest thing about pharmacy school?

I really want to be a pharmacist but i fear the obstacles. #college #pharmacy #pharmacist #hardest

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Oct 19, 2016 1340 views

What are the main differences between a retail-pharamacist and a clinical-pharamacist?

I am interested in participating in the pharmaceutical field one day and was wondering if it would be better to work as a pharmacist in retail or clinic. #pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #pharmaceutical-industry #clinical-pharmacy #retail-pharmacy

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Oct 19, 2016 1300 views

What degree should I aim for in college to become a pharmacist?

I am a senior in high school who is interested in becoming a pharmacist one day. However, I do not know where to start in terms of choosing a college degree that suits the occupation. Any suggestions and answers are welcome. #pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #retail-pharmacy