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Is there a minimum number of C's that I can make in the science requirements and still be competitive when applying to pharmacy school?

I am going to be a junior in college in the school year 2016-2017, and I want to be realistic of what opportunities I definitely can pursue. I am at a quality academic college and I have a couple of C's. I am very interested in this field and I plan on volunteering with a pharmacist in a few months. I just want to know will C's make me less competitive than others even though I have above a 3.0 in the pre-pharmacy requirements and do pharmacy schools evaluate where I took my courses at. #pharmacy #pharmacists #admissions

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2 answers

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David’s Answer

Pharmacy school is very competitive and demanding. Pre-requisite classes are important to achieve the best possible grade for admission into a pharmacy school. No it is possible to obtain admissions into a pharmacy school with C grades. I would check with individual schools for their minimum requirements for acceptance.

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Janna’s Answer

As stated in the previous response, please check the GPA requirements of each individual pharmacy school that you are interested in applying to. Having one C won't prevent you from getting admitted to a pharmacy school. But if someone has Cs in multiple science courses, I would strongly recommend reevaluating if pharmacy school is the right option because pharmacy programs are heavily focused on clinical science and require a lot of memorization and understanding of baseline physiology, anatomy, and chemistry.