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Rigoberto M. Oct 15, 2020 69 views

What kind of risks are there when performing surgery?

I want to become a doctor and more specifically a surgeon. So I want to learn more about surgeons and the difficulties they face....


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Melanie G. Jan 16, 2018 4172 views

What could you do with a fashion marketing degree?

I really want to take this major but i don't really understand what fashion marketing /merchandising involves ? #marketing #fashion-merchandising #fashion #marketing #marketing-and-advertising...


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Anthony M. Mar 31 59 views

Preparing for Physics graduate school

I'm a third year undergraduate in a physics program getting my bachelor's degree. I'm primarily interested in graduate school, and I was wondering if there was any advice regarding how to prepare for applying? #physics #school...


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Abdullah M. Feb 08 203 views

Breaking into MGMNT consulting?

Hi! I hope you’re all well and safe. I just wanted to know what I could do now as a second semester freshman to make it easier for me to break in to management consulting, preferably at a big 4 accounting firm? Thank you!! <333 #career #finance #accounting #consulting #big4 #advisory...

#internship #college #freshmen

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Abdullah M. Feb 26 160 views

How to improve my speaking confidence?

I’m a first generation student in this country. As I’ve started college this year, I’ve been noticing just how eloquent everyone sounds when they speak. From other students to interviewers. I’ve been getting really insecure about the way I speak, someone also recently told me that I speak in a...

#speech #publicspeaking #student #presentation #career #confidence #business #college

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Abby L. Dec 15, 2020 242 views

Is an MBA more useful than a PhD if I want to keep my options open?

I'm a 3rd year physics major at RIT and still have no idea what I want to do for a living once I graduate. I've heard that our MBA program is great, and I've been enjoying business-related work in my current job. Though I'm not sure what physics and business could combine to make me uniquely...

#mba #stem #physics #phd #science #physics-major #business #college

Alexandria A.’s Avatar
Alexandria A. Jan 18, 2018 264 views

Whats the purpose of struggling on your own through college?

I live alone with no support, first time in college. I work hard and try everything that I can do to better myself. My #life lesson is still pending to...

Zachary N.’s Avatar
Zachary N. Sep 05, 2019 377 views

What is best major for banking and finance career?

I am a HS sophomore taking college now course s. I just started with a communication and public speaking course. #finance #college-major #business...


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Babita G. Jul 22, 2020 177 views

I've heard that the colleges we attend affect the hiring process when we graduate. How do I tackle this problem?

I’ve recently graduated from LaGuardia Community College with AS in Computer Science and I’m applied to transfer to 4 different CUNY universities. Many people tend to go to big and renowned universities like MIT, Harvard and many more. How do I get a leg up if I didn't attend one of these big...

#july20 #college

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Tyler P. Feb 03 324 views
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Rebecca G. Apr 09 78 views

If I work at an ad agency, is there opportunity to create content or is it more about pushing out ads to various channels?

Just trying to get a sense for all the services being done within an ad agency. It seems like content creation would fall more into marketing, but I also get the sense that this is a quality of both careers. Thanks in advance for the help! #marketing #advertising #ad-agency...


Rebecca G.’s Avatar
Rebecca G. Apr 07 83 views

What is the difference between a marketing and ad agency?

I'm wondering how they are differentiated. Also, are there some that perform both marketing and ad wrap-around? What is most common? Thank you! #marketing #advertising #ad-agency #marketing-agency #media #media-production...


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Marquis G. Sep 11, 2019 135 views
Abdullah M.’s Avatar
Abdullah M. Jan 03, 2020 310 views

College Major Choice/ Career Advice

Hi! I'm a senior in high school, and I'm currently applying to colleges. I'm noticing that my list is rather small due to my specific major choice, marketing. I don't know if I should apply to the "prestigious" colleges that don't have business majors and just major in econ. I...

#internship #marketing #career #business #college-major #college

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CareerVillage . Dec 29, 2011 2303 views

What is the career path to a successful career in politics?

What is the career path to working in politics? Politics seems really broad--working in government, working for companies or nonprofits that work with government--and I am a bit confused by the different options. But if I'm interested in figuring out what's politics is like in general (and I do...

#nonprofits #politics #career-paths #government

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