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Edwin A. May 01, 2019 91 views
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jair C. Apr 17, 2019 120 views
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Ashley C. Jan 24, 2018 298 views

What is the best way to learn more about editing photos in Photoshop?

I love taking photos and I own a DSLR camera. I want to learn more editing techniques, especially on Adobe Photoshop. I am looking to own the program, but it looks like it is a yearly fee now. I am wondering if there is a way that I can just own the product totally, and what tools I can use to...

#camera #adobe-photoshop #photography #dslr #photoshop #art

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Juan A. Apr 12, 2019 120 views

how do i become a professional soccer star?

I want know how to become a better player. #soccer #athletic # sports #sports-agent...


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Sharon H. Sep 24, 2013 2350 views

What exactly does a computer engineer do?

I'd like to know because I'm learning about this in school and considering it as my career....


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Anna V. Jan 19, 2018 316 views

As a candidate for a Master's in Literacy, I will need to do a case study. Which topic for my case study will help struggling readers the most?

In order to get a Master's in Literacy you must work on a case study and do research with the students you are currently teaching. Since the case study is a labor intensive process, I want to study something that will actually impact student learning and reading proficiency. #reading...

#literacy #masters #masters-degree #research

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Mermaid O. May 01 172 views

Should I take anatomy and physiology along with Pharmacology and Nutrition?

Hello there So in summer I term which starts 06/04/2020 and ends on 07/01/2020 I will plan to take anatomy and physiology level 2 which is 4 credits in 5 weeks. Now along with that class, I'm planning (or deciding) whether or not I should take pharmacology which is 3 credits. However, there...

#medical #help #college #fashion #summerterm #nursing #nurse #careeradvice #summer #career #anatomy #books #library #courses #medicine

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Anaaa S. Jun 21 112 views
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Zachary R. Apr 11, 2016 946 views

How Much Money Does a McDonald's Manager Make?

Hello, I am working at McDonalds right now as a Crew Member but I am curious on how much Managers get paid and if it is worth being a manager at Mc Donald's. #management #sales...


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Shaheer M. Aug 24, 2018 197 views

Is solidwords or autodesk inventor a skill that's needed in the workplace for aerospace engineers?

I am an aerospace engineering student who knows how to use autodesk inventor but not solidworks. I was just wondering, how important is solidworks and inventor or any other computer-aided design (CAD) program to an aerospace engineer in the workforce? Thanks! #aerospace #aerospaceengineer...

#cad #computeraideddesign

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Marisol M. May 01, 2019 110 views
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jessica P. Apr 10, 2019 152 views
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MARIO D. Jan 19, 2018 203 views

What do employers in the Social Work field look for in their employees?

I am asking this question because I am graduating soon with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services, and I would like to be the ideal candidate for the positions in my career field of interest. #humanservices #socialwork...


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Morgan J. May 26, 2016 799 views

How would one go about pursuing writing while pursuing mathematic/scientific majors?

I love to write, and I want to do much with it (perhaps like Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner and their freakonomics books), but I'm pursuing degrees in statistics and earth sciences. How might I manage to still forge a semi career out of those fields? Of course, the obvious, do the...

#english #statistics #earth-science #writing

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Marisol M. May 01, 2019 96 views
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ivan L. May 01, 2019 106 views
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Marisol M. Apr 10, 2019 134 views
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Rebekah W. Apr 21, 2018 295 views

How does not having a #credit score effect one's significant #financial #decisions in life?

I've recently been viewing seminars by #dave #ramsey. He spoke of being #debt free and that having a #credit card is not necessary for #life. However, I know that some transactions request a credit score. Also, when shopping online or #traveling abroad I've always thought it was safer to have a...

#successfully #compromised

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Alex V. Apr 17, 2019 80 views

Can i make money off Playing Videogames

I want to make fast and i see that 13 years old are making more money than my parents...


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montessa E. Feb 24, 2017 674 views

What is the HRIS software program?

I am asking because I'm currently in school for an associate's degree in Human Resources. I have not come across this software program at all during my schooling. I'm wondering what it is, the functions of the software program, and are there any classes to take in order to use the program? I've...

#talent-management #human-resources #compensation #talent-acquisition #computer-software #payroll

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Juan A. May 03, 2019 117 views

how do i become a soccer star?

#CR7#soccer#Sports#Neymar#Messi#Mbappe#PSG#FCB#Mexico#LEON#AMERICA#LIGA MX#WORLD CUP#LA LIGA#CHAMPIONSLEAGUE#athletics#sports-agent...


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Andrea J. Apr 18, 2018 278 views

How do you start your own web development business?

I'm sometimes wondering if things would be better if I start my own web development business. What would I need to do in order to get one started. #web-development...


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Anchal D. Jan 21, 2018 243 views
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Alejandro C. Apr 17, 2019 106 views
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Jose J. Apr 12, 2019 115 views

how many years is there to be a lawyer?

what school do you need to go to learn about being a lawyer, what do you need to be a...


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kimberly P. Apr 10, 2019 161 views

how many years do u have to take to be a doctor ?

i am in 7th grade i have been wanting to be a doctor since i was little. i really want to know how many years i have to be in school for . and i also really want to know what classes are really important to take to become a doctor . #doctor #medicine #college...


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Chloe S. Jan 18, 2018 247 views

Business and Hospitality career path?

I want to be a restaurant manager after graduating from college. Will a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Hospitality management qualify me for this? I am taking accounting classes, economics, business finance, etc related courses. What other career options are there for this...

#business #business-management #hospitality

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Zenia E. May 01, 2019 116 views
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Kylie S. Jan 23, 2018 260 views

Is all the debt that I will take on going to college worth it?

I know that my education is going to be very costly and that over the four years it will take to get my degree I will become massively in debt. I plan on becoming a biomedical engineer, so I know I(eventually) will be making pretty good money, but I'm worried that all my efforts after I...

#college-advice #college #financial-aid

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