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Would it be recommended for someone not to graduate early because of their degree?

If I were to graduate early (studying education), I would be teaching as a 19 year old. Would anyone respect me in the work place or hire me? #teaching #education #graduating #age #age-in-the-workplace

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2 answers

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Esther’s Answer

Thank you for wanting to become a teacher and choosing a profession that will influence so many people in a great day!

Your young age would actually be an advantage in teaching. Students will be more able to relate to you and you will be able to understand your students more! Don't let your age stop you from finishing your degree.

Good luck!

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Alexandra’s Answer

I graduated very early on as well. I did struggle with the respect aspect but it gives you a challenge to prove yourself. As long as you work hard and put your all into teaching you will get everything and more out of it no matter how old you are. You should be proud of such an amazing accomplishment at a young age. Celebrate it!