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What type of work does an education consultant do? What does the career path into education consulting typically look like?

I have background in teaching and worked a private equity role this past summer. I'd love to find a role that combines these two interests and was thinking that education consulting could be a good fit. Any personal experiences or tips would be great to hear!
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3 answers

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Eileen’s Answer

I echo the fact that experience in education is important, including having gained different perspectives on the field. Our team has worked with education consultants who are experts in curriculum design, worked for education focused nonprofits in roles affecting systemic change and/or are pioneers in the field of education.

Typically a deep expertise in 2-4 areas of education (eg, curriculum design, educational technology, personalized learning, experiential learning) is helpful to market yourself as an educational consultant.

Getting at the points above, I think the career path involves hands on experience in a school(s), at the district level, at a youth focused nonprofit, department of education or similar entity(ies).

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Esther’s Answer

Consider a career as a private equity trainer. Most medium to large size companies have an in-house training team that develops & delivers curriculum to their staff. Trainers usually start out as regular employees (usually in sales teams) who excel in their jobs. After gaining on the job experience, you will be qualified to join the training team!

Being a corporate trainer is a great way to combine business with your love of educating others. After you gain experience as a corporate trainer, you would be qualified to transition to an educational consultant role. Good luck!

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Daryl’s Answer

If you want to be an educational consultant that usually occurs after years of teaching and administration, but here are a few suggestions.

You can research online through your state government what educational objectives are planned out for 5-10 years.

There are usually educational boards or councils or administration in your region or city, you may check with your local library.