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What kind of work should i expect after applying to a PR agency as an intern?

Hello, I'm currently attending San Jose State University. I'm studying Journalism emphasis in Public Relations. I want to focus more on Tech Public Relations because that's where all the excitement is! I just wanted to know what kind of work I will be assigned to a tech PR agency as an intern.
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Anas -

Be prepared to do a little bit of everything. The whole point of an internship is for you is to get direct experience about how PR is practiced in the real world vs. the classroom. Some of that experience may be hands on and some may be through osmosis by just being around folks doing the job on a daily basis.

A large part of what you may be asked to do will likely center around research. Helping account teams develop targeted media lists. Looking at the industry players to see who may be good targets for new business efforts. Activities along those lines help interns learn about the business, how to determine who is a good target for pitches and who isn't and what trends are driving the tech market.

I wouldn't expect to be drafting too many press releases or developing a lot of client-related content. It's important to rememeber that PR firms bill their clients for the work done on their behalf and it can be hard to justify giving client critical assignments to the intern. But at the same time, I also wouldn't expect to just be doing coffee runs - or even doing them at all. There's always something to be done on a client account and the good internships will find a way to slot you into the mix in a way that makes sense for you and the business.

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Hi Anas, I worked as a public relations consultant in an ad agency when I graduated from college. You are smart to work as an intern before graduating! You'll get an idea of the kind of work you will be doing in public relations as well as meet people who may offer you a job in the future -- which is important because the PR field is very competitive. Although you are interested in working for a tech company, be open to working with any company that is offering a PR internship. Majority of the PR work in any company will be the same, regardless of the company you are working for, and it's more important to get the experience. Consider joining your local PRSA (Public Relations Society of Amercia) organization as a student member. You'll have opportunities to work on community PR projects & interact with other PR professionals. Good luck on your career! I'm very excited for you!
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Your interest in Tech Public Relations is always something you can bring up to your superiors. Internships can mean anything from doing work relevant to your career to getting coffee for your boss everyday. It's really up to the people you work for. But this sounds like a great opportunity, if not to gain the skills you desire then to find connections in the industry. Congratulations!
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HI. Because you are an intern it is hard to say exactly what you will be doing there at the agency. Ideally you would be learning how to write a press release, partnering with companies and learning the ins and outs of the business. Try and learn as much as you can and be exposed to all aspects of the business.
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