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How likely is it to get an internship in public relations that is paid?

I am a 3rd year public relations student in San Jose and I need to start applying for internships but I still need to make money to pay rent. I am interested in tech, magazines and pop culture. #public-relations #silicon-valley #technology #pop-culture

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I can't speak for a percentage but if you go to an agency I think you're likely to get one. But they are super competitive. But think of it this way, if you get one that is you'll learn much more than you will at an unpaid one.

Last updated Apr 12 at 06:39
With all of the tech companies in San Jose - I would think that there are opportunities for paid #internships. I would scout out potential companies that you're interested in and try to make connections with the #PR or #marketing folks at those companies - either via #linkedin or by asking for informational interviews. I would also scout out #non-profit organizations or business associations that might also have a need for PR and would be willing to pay for your services.
Last updated Nov 02 '17 at 13:26
He has a great chance of getting the internship.
Last updated Dec 19 '17 at 02:14
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