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How likely is it to get an internship in public relations that is paid?

I am a 3rd year public relations student in San Jose and I need to start applying for internships but I still need to make money to pay rent. I am interested in tech, magazines and pop culture. #public-relations #silicon-valley #technology #pop-culture

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He has a great chance of getting the internship.
Last updated Dec 19 '17 at 02:14

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With all of the tech companies in San Jose - I would think that there are opportunities for paid #internships. I would scout out potential companies that you're interested in and try to make connections with the #PR or #marketing folks at those companies - either via #linkedin or by asking for informational interviews. I would also scout out #non-profit organizations or business associations that might also have a need for PR and would be willing to pay for your services.
Last updated Nov 02 '17 at 13:26

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