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Mariah B.’s Avatar
Mariah B. Jul 23, 2019 73 views

What interested you most about wanting to get into the medical field?

I'd like to know what different people's interests were, when deciding to get into the medical field. #healthcare #medicine...


DJ R.’s Avatar
DJ R. Mar 04 122 views

What's the hardest thing you've ever done with CST?

I'm entering the Computer Service Tech career path, and I'm wondering what the biggest challenge others in that field have had to overcome #computer-science #computer #technology...


Mariah B.’s Avatar
Mariah B. Jul 23, 2019 83 views

What do you dislike most about being a nurse?

I'm interested in becoming a nurse but I'd like to know what to expect. #nurse #medicine #healthcare #registered-nurses...


Mariah B.’s Avatar
Mariah B. Jul 23, 2019 102 views

What motivates you to stay working as a nurse?

This question is for nurses or fellow people working in the healthcare field, I'd like to know what keeps you motivated to keep working in that field. #registered-nurses #nursing-education #healthcare #nursing...


Anna O.’s Avatar
Anna O. Oct 30, 2019 100 views
Brandon W.’s Avatar
Brandon W. Dec 17, 2019 151 views

What kind of challenges will I be facing as a Data Scientist?

I am 24 and I really like numbers and statistics. I have a variety of experiences in computer skills ranging from HTML and programming, to hardware and software installation. I never really considered a job in computers however the education required versus the salary available is very...

#technology #computer-programming #datascientist #software #computer-science #computer

Cora W.’s Avatar
Cora W. Jul 23, 2019 100 views
Noah N.’s Avatar
Noah N. Aug 13, 2019 69 views
Aeryk R.’s Avatar
Aeryk R. Aug 13, 2019 70 views

What should i expect as a solar pv installer

#green-energy #solar male looking into going into solar...

Israt A.’s Avatar
Israt A. Oct 30, 2016 419 views

Are the golden days of pharmacy really over?

I've been interested in becoming a pharmacist for some time now, mostly based on my interest on Chemistry and help/communicating with others. However, there is a stigma forming about this career-- about how its "golden days" are over and it's not worth the effort, How accurate is this?...

#pharmacists #pharmacy #retail-pharmacy

max F.’s Avatar
max F. Sep 18, 2019 80 views
Kyra S.’s Avatar
Kyra S. Jul 23, 2019 59 views
Mariah B.’s Avatar
Mariah B. Jul 23, 2019 157 views

Was your career how you expected it would be or did it change ?

This question is for anyone who has recently started their careers. #career...


Alexandrea H.’s Avatar
Alexandrea H. Aug 05, 2019 56 views

what are some of the pros/cons of working in the medical field?

i am looking into the medical field and i don't want to go into a career path that doesn't work for me...


Madison W.’s Avatar
Madison W. Jul 17, 2019 90 views

I am going into a class to be a medical administrative assistant, what is a normal day like in this field?

I have a email that i would like to use to communicate with someone on this field. I want to be able to ask a couple of questions and get the feel to what i am going to be doing with my career. It would be much appreciated, My email is #healthcare #career...

#psychology #medicine

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Nickolas H. Jul 09, 2019 83 views

Who can you get answers on your career?

You have multiple choices one of the best one is you can ask a professional....


Israt A.’s Avatar
Israt A. Oct 30, 2016 652 views

As an environmental engineer, do you feel as useful as you thought you would before you chose the career?

The reason I'd like to pursue a career in environmental science is because I am genuinely passionate about being educated about the ways in which I can improve our environment. I'm curious as to whether or not most environmental engineers fulfill this passion during their careers....

#environmental-engineering #environmental-science #environment

Christopher W.’s Avatar
Christopher W. May 28, 2016 389 views

What else should I do to get into medical school aside from good GPA and MCAT score?

I have good GPA and I will score high with MCAT. I know this is not the only credential that medical schools are looking at. Please help. #doctor...


Christopher W.’s Avatar
Christopher W. May 28, 2016 421 views

How should I be during medical school admission interview?

I want to be a doctor. I had apply BSMD . I did not got in. I am not a talkative person and I don't want to be corky during my interview. I felt that is the reason I got rejected from medical school admission. #interviews...


Israt A.’s Avatar
Israt A. Oct 30, 2016 613 views

What's the typical day of an environmental engineer like?

I'm interested in becoming one, but I hope it's not centered around anything boring, like paperwork. #engineering #environmental-science...


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