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Erin C. Dec 31, 2020 39 views

What does a Library Technician do on a daily basis and how does it compare to the work of a librarian and a Records and Information Manager.

I am a female looking to gain information about working in a professional library setting as a Library Technician. I would like to hear from others who are in this field, what opportunities came up and what, if any, further education was needed. I would like to hear from others in the RIM...

#rim #library #recordsandinformationmanagment #librarytechnician

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Elaysha W. Mar 15, 2018 292 views

What are the best resources for someone interested in book preservation?

I want to work in book preservation and I'm just not sure what resources are available. #books #preservation #conservation #library...


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Elaysha W. Mar 15, 2018 348 views

Which would be better to work in manuscripts: a degree in Library Sciences or Museum Conservation?

I'm looking at working in manuscript preservation and translation and I'm just not sure what's going to be the best path for me. #manuscripts #latin #library...


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Hero D. Jul 04, 2016 1006 views

Whats the best way to study?

I like studying a lot, Text books, e-books, but I am not always able to get the right position to study. Sometimes through listening to music, but the problem is I don't always remember what I study when I don't remember the music I was listening to. #teaching #teacher #education #music #school...

#studying #library #student #books

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Janice P. May 27, 2016 712 views

If I want to work at a library, what are my best options so that I have a better chance at getting the job?

I really want to work at a library, but don't know how to be considered a top candidate for hiring. #librarian #library...


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Carlos R. Mar 26, 2014 1038 views

What does the day of a librarian look like?

I have wanted to be a librarian as a kid, but I am not really interested in being one anymore. I am just curious on what they work on and what it takes to be one. #reading #librarian #bookkeeping...