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Whats the best way to study?

Asked Cotonou, Littoral Department, Benin

I like studying a lot, Text books, e-books, but I am not always able to get the right position to study. Sometimes through listening to music, but the problem is I don't always remember what I study when I don't remember the music I was listening to. #teaching #teacher #education #music #school #student #books #studying #library

3 answers

JD’s Answer

Updated Kyle, Texas


The best way to study is to find what works for you. In general, the more senses you involve the better you will remember the material. Here are some ideas: first do not color in the text book... the use of a high-lighter is for your notes after you have converted the data. Next, repeat, repeat, repeat.... in other words you have to review the material more than once. Lastly, it depends on the type of material and how it is offered. If it is a text book, then here's an idea.

Get the text book and all the supplements (many text books have supplements and they can be more important than the book itself), next read the required sections like you are reading for fun... no marks, notes, coloring... just read it cover to cover. Next get a pad of paper (I liked the yellow letter sized) and a blue or black pen. Outline the sections, meaning write down the title of each chapter, section, sub section, etc. You are building a topic outline. Next go through it again and write 1 and only 1 sentence to describe the chapter, section or sub section. Also on a separate pad in a different colored ink make a list of ALL words that are Bold, Underlined or Italicized. Cross check your list with the list of key words and phrases in the text at the end of each chapter.... You can have more, but not less than they do. Lastly, go over what you have written about the book. Use your notes and confirm with the text. If you were wrong or missed a part write it down in a different color (Red maybe)

By this time you have become very familiar with the text. you know what is important and have underlined it, you know what you are weak on and have strengthened it. Now you can go out and max the test.

It's hard at first, but becomes easier and you become faster with time and practice.

Good luck JD

Thanks, appreciate it!

Daniela’s Answer

Updated State of Goiás, State of Goiás, Brazil

Hi Hero,

You must discover what are your learning style. There are three different learning styles: Auditory Learning Style Visual Learning Style Tactile/Kinesthetic Learning Style

It is worth to say that a person can present only one learning style or a mix of them.

  • Visual Learning Style

As the name implies, visual learners generally take in and decipher information with their eyes. This means finding it easier to learn by reading and studying written words (called visual-linguistic learning) or by viewing charts, videos, and other visual elements (referred to as visual-spatial learning). Ultimately, if you are the type of person that gets more out of reading a textbook in your classes or studying the written materials rather than listening to a professor lecture, you are probably a visual learner.

  • Auditory Learning Style

Auditory learners are different from visual learners in that they rely primarily on their ears as opposed to their eyes for taking in and comprehending relevant information. In simple terms, this means that you have an easier time learning data and facts by listening to someone speak.

One of the best ways to determine if you are an auditory learner is to ask yourself if you tend to talk to yourself or read aloud. If you do, then you’re more likely than not an auditory learner.

  • Kinesthetic Learning Style

Kinesthetic learning is based on movement and touching. It involves doing while learning as being completely still makes you restless and your mind wanders more easily. How do you know if you are a kinesthetic learner?

Kinesthetic learners are generally the people who can’t just sit and listen or watch a lecture or presentation. They always have to be doing something else in the process, whether it is taking notes, highlighting related book passages, or being otherwise engaged in the learning process.


In these links there are some tests for identifying your learning style. https://www.how-to-study.com/learning-style-assessment/

Good luck in your studies!

Thanks, appreciate it very much
These are great tips!

Arun’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Take breaks. ... Use a keyword to refocus yourself. ... Take good notes in class. ... Rewrite your notes at home. ... Make things interesting. ... Study hard subjects first. ... Study the important vocabulary. ... Make a study group.