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Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Nov 03, 2016 1193 views

I am a Freshman in college and majoring in criminal justice, but not sure if that is the right move for me. How should I find out if something else would be better? I am really stuck and getting frustrated.

I am majoring in criminal justice with a concentration in law enforcement. I really like the crime shows and understand most of the things going on in my CJ classes. Although, I do not have the feeling as if this is my dream job. I need some advice as to what I could do to see if something...

khalil’s Avatar
khalil Nov 13, 2017 898 views

what training does a cop go through?

that is what I want to be #cop #law-enforcement #police-officer

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony May 18, 2016 1729 views

Hi is being a detective scary?

I want to know this because I might want to become one when I grow up #law-enforcement #detective #investigator

Quashika’s Avatar
Quashika May 05, 2016 2502 views

Are there different ranks in being a crime scene investigator or are they on the same level?

I want to know about the ranks/ promotions. #criminal-justice #law-enforcement #criminal-investigations

jasmine’s Avatar
jasmine May 21, 2016 796 views

Is it practical to want to be a CSI?

I grew up watching crime shows including different CSI shows. I also understand that a CSI isn't exactly like on tv but I don't want to just be a forensic science technician. I want to be able to do field work. #law-enforcement #forensics

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa May 10, 2016 931 views

what are the courses I should take before applying for the FBI?

I want to join the FBI and I am not sure what exactly to take while in college. #law-enforcement #government #fbi #forensic-analysis #csi

Diandre'’s Avatar
Diandre' May 04, 2016 865 views

Do you need law enforcement background such as security and etc. to be a good cop

I am an explorer and is trying to set my career path #law #police #law-enforcement

Hero’s Avatar
Hero Jul 04, 2016 1376 views

Whats the best way to study?

I like studying a lot, Text books, e-books, but I am not always able to get the right position to study. Sometimes through listening to music, but the problem is I don't always remember what I study when I don't remember the music I was listening to. #teaching #teacher #education #music #school...

keerthana’s Avatar
keerthana Jun 21, 2016 1265 views

Are taking AP classes and a language in high school better than college?

People have told me you don't even get a lot of credits for AP classes and that they just drop you GPA. Is this true? What option will save me more money? Also, when the high school speech guy talked about what he wished he would do he said that he would take the lanuage four years during high...

Amina’s Avatar
Amina Jul 08, 2016 792 views

Grad school vs. undergrad

Hello! Can anyone comment on the differences between undergrad and grad school? I am interested in astronomy/physics and was wondering how the classes differ, how teachers teach, etc. Any advice is appreciated. #graduate-school #physics #undergraduate #astronomy #grad

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Jul 08, 2016 3921 views

What makes police officer candidates stand out?

I am currently pursuing a B.S. in Criminal Justice. While I am in college, I also want to prune myself into a better candidate for law enforcement. What are some qualities that a good police officer candidate has?

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Jul 06, 2016 3835 views

Is French a good language to become fluent in and minor in?

I want to pursue a career in law enforcement after I graduate from college. I know that being fluent in different languages increases your chance of being hired. I am looking forward to becoming fluent in college. However, people keep telling me French is not a good language to minor in because...

Mario R.’s Avatar
Mario R. May 06, 2016 1220 views

Is law enforcement a viable career to raise a family?

I'm considering law enforcement as a career but I'm unsure if the pay is enough to sustain a family, particularly in the Los Angeles area. #police #law-enforcement #police-officer

Gisely’s Avatar
Gisely Feb 26, 2015 7407 views

Should I have a law enforcement career or a medical career?

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a police officer but after years of thinking I actually think I might have a medical career. I still want to be a police officer but being an obstetrician (baby doctor) is now a big option. #medicine #police #law-enforcement #obstetrician

Keion’s Avatar
Keion Mar 17, 2015 3156 views

I am interested in joining the law enforcement as a Patrol Officer. I would love to know how your experience has been doing the job or working towards it.

As I was growing up till now in 10th grade, I've heard about good and bad police and I would like to be a good cop and help protect people because the feeling that you get from helping others is truly exhilarating. I also like to handle guns, but not to kill other beings. I'm a little nervous...