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Amanda C. Aug 01, 2020 175 views

How close is Brooklyn-99 to the real NYPD?

Ok, dumb question, but is Brooklyn-99 anything similar to actually being on the NYPD? I love the show and it's made me consider joining the NYPD but I know it's fiction and probably unrealistic. One of the best parts about the show is its representation and diversity, but is the NYPD force...

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Faith N. Sep 25, 2019 90 views

Can I career shadow at Lakeland probation offices in 8th grade

I want to pursue a career in this field and would love the opportunity to shadow... but I was wondering if there is anywhere in Lakeland that allows this and at my age (I’m in 8th grade). Thanks #careershadowing #paroleofficer #jobshadow #cop...


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Bernice G. Sep 18, 2019 114 views

How do you advance in the police detective field?

I am currently in training for protective services and I would like to learn more. #police...


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Erasmo R. Jul 19, 2018 371 views

what can I do as a US resident waiting for citezenship?

Currently an immigrant high school graduate starting school at a city college soon. I would like to transfer to a state after and graduate in 2022. I will be getting residency that same year from my grandmother, I believe. My dream has always been to work for SFPD as the job interests me the...

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Madisyn D. Jan 23, 2018 340 views

what do you need to know to be a cop

i want to be a cop because you can arast...


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khalil M. Nov 13, 2017 591 views

what training does a cop go through?

that is what I want to be #cop #law-enforcement...


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Landen W. Feb 21, 2017 466 views

What kind of college would I need to go to in order to become a cop?

I do not know what to do or go to a college I want to be cop. I live in South Dakota and I want to be a detective. #college...


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kijah G. Apr 12, 2016 592 views