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Career Questions tagged Cops

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Aug 01, 2020 532 views

How close is Brooklyn-99 to the real NYPD?

Ok, dumb question, but is Brooklyn-99 anything similar to actually being on the NYPD? I love the show and it's made me consider joining the NYPD but I know it's fiction and probably unrealistic. One of the best parts about the show is its representation and diversity, but is the NYPD force...

Sheila’s Avatar
Sheila Aug 27, 2018 429 views

How do you cope with having a job that doesn't necessarily always end well?

How do you deal with your occupation on a day to day basis when some things are out of your hands?

#social workers

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus May 26, 2016 888 views

what helped you make your decision in college to become who you are today and what you do today?

I am confused on what I actually want to be in life. Either an engineer or somewhere in the cop area. #college #engineering #high-school #careers #cops

Memo’s Avatar
Memo Sep 01, 2015 1119 views

what diplomas or certificates do i need to become a police officer in hayward, California

i want to become a police officer and i live in hayward, california #police #detective #cops

Bridget’s Avatar
Bridget May 18, 2015 1160 views

What are colleges in Massachusetts that have good law-enforcement programs?

I'm a sophomore in high school and looking to pursue a career as a cop when I'm older. I'm from Boston, and am wondering what schools around here have average programs. #police #law-enforcement #cops

Jose-Luis’s Avatar
Jose-Luis Nov 21, 2014 2974 views

How do you destress as a police officer on a tough day at work?

Im interested in how police officers deal with day to day problems and how they over come them. #police #law-enforcement #cops

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Mar 10, 2014 2189 views

What influenced you to pursue a career in law enforcement?

I am strongly considering a career in law enforcement. I am in the 11th grade. I want to know how other people were influenced to work in this field. #law #police #law-enforcement #officer #cops