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Career Questions tagged Psycology

Faith N.’s Avatar
Faith N. Sep 25, 2019 181 views

Can I career shadow at Lakeland probation offices in 8th grade

I want to pursue a career in this field and would love the opportunity to shadow... but I was wondering if there is anywhere in Lakeland that allows this and at my age (I’m in 8th grade). Thanks careershadowing paroleofficer jobshadow cop...


Ariel D.’s Avatar
Ariel D. Mar 20, 2018 671 views

Should I focus on making money or doing what I love?

##life-#advice-#friendship-#love-#anything-psycology work-life-balance...


Dylan J.’s Avatar
Dylan J. Jan 20, 2018 681 views

Would it be good to major in criminal justice and minor in psychology if I want to be a state trooper?

I would like to be a state trooper in the future and I would like to know if those too fields would help me succeed criminal-justice...