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Providence, Rhode Island
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Anthony May 18, 2016 1812 views

Hi is being a detective scary?

I want to know this because I might want to become one when I grow up #law-enforcement #detective #investigator

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Anthony May 16, 2016 1106 views

Is being a pediatrician a fun experience?

I am asking this question because later in my life I want to become a pediatrician to help children around the world to stay healthy and to be informed. I want to know if being a pediatrician is fun because I don't want to always have to be serious and not have any fun in my job. #doctor...

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Anthony May 04, 2016 715 views

When should I get an internship at a hospital to become a pediatrician later in the future?

I want to help children around the world who can't afford care. Hi my name is Anthony, I am a 13 year old boy in seventh grade. My dream is to attend Stanford University and become a pediatrician to help all the children in the world who cannot afford a doctor because their parents can barely...