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Abby T.’s Avatar
Abby T. Feb 16 54 views

Is it worth earning a Master’s degree if I want to become a medical lab scientist?

I really would love to be working hands-on in a hospital laboratory for my career. Are master’s degrees in MLS reserved for people who plan on working in management positions? I know I can take courses in medical lab technology and eventually take the ASCP exam for certification. Will a...

#medicallabtechnologist #medicallabscientist #mls #medicaltechnologist #laboratory #scientist #labscientist

Jeffery P.’s Avatar
Jeffery P. Nov 17, 2016 410 views

When to take the SAT Junior Year?

I've taken the SAT once, during june of my Sophomore year. I am planning on taking it again, but I am not sure what time (or how many times) I should take it this year. My latest score is in the 1300's range. Thank you for your help, Jeffery P #college #college-major #college-bound #sat...


s S.’s Avatar
s S. May 13, 2016 646 views

How can I get better at math?

I don't understand math. #mathematics...


Kymaal C.’s Avatar
Kymaal C. May 19, 2015 1258 views

Do you have to be a computer wiz or a math geek to pursue a career in video game design ?

My name is Kymaal Caldwell i am a 17 year old boy that lives in Massachusetts. I live in dorchester and i go to school at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. I ever since i was a kid i loved video games and still to this day i love video games. Everyday video games are getting more...

#video-game-design #video-game-development

Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Apr 29, 2016 777 views

What job(s) should I look into if I want to create video game concepts?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at Career Village. I have a friend who wants to make storylines and plots and designs for video games, but doesn't want to deal with the actual programming part. Is there a job for this? #design #video-games #video-game-design...


Rasya B.’s Avatar
Rasya B. Mar 24, 2020 378 views

What is some advice you would give to a high schooler trying to get into the business and finance world?

I'm currently a sophomore in high school with plans to double major in economics and finance. I'm actively looking for internships and job opportunities that can help me gain some real-world experience before college. #business #finance #entrepreneur #internship...


Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Apr 28, 2016 1486 views

How can I get started investing in stocks and bonds? How can I be successful in the stock market?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at Career Village. I recently attended a short seminar on finances, and it was a few college students trying to explain the basics. However, they never actually covered how to be successful in your investments. #finance #money...

#investing #stocks #economics

Molly R.’s Avatar
Molly R. Mar 12, 2019 258 views

What are some reasons to be a psychologist?

#psychology #psychologist I am in 11th grade and i am interested in psychology, I want to know some reasons why i should be a...

Trinity M.’s Avatar
Trinity M. Sep 07, 2018 340 views

Career explorations for a confident career?

Hello! For my school's graduation requirement, I have to have 15 hours of career exploration. I know that I want to be a psychologist or do something in the psychology field, but those jobs are usually very confidential. What should I do? If I cannot do that, I am also very interested in other...

#college #help #career-choice #career #psychology

Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Apr 27, 2016 1934 views

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working for a big corporation vs a smaller company or even startup?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at Career Village. I'm curious to learn what influenced your decision to work for a big corporation over a smaller one (or vice versa). We don't hear as much about how people go about finding/selecting the companies they want to work...

#startups #business #start-ups #human-resources

Anudari A.’s Avatar
Anudari A. May 12, 2016 423 views

What camera and lens would be good for blogging?

I'm a complete beginner to photography, but I'm open to learning and improving my skills. I want a camera that can auto focus, make minimum shutter noise, can also be used for taking videos. I don't mind the make of the camera, it can be anything from Canon to Samsung. But, aside from my own...

#dslr #lens #camera

kanika M.’s Avatar
kanika M. May 06, 2016 582 views

What is Airlines?

Hi I am kanika.I am studying in 10 std. #airlines...


Rasya B.’s Avatar
Rasya B. Nov 18, 2020 237 views

What are the best ways to stand out in the college admissions process?

I have good grades and extracurriculars but is there something else I could do to really boost my application? #college #collegeadmissions #business #finance #ivyleague...


Meredith M.’s Avatar
Meredith M. May 14, 2016 599 views

How hard is it to pay off the debt on pre-vet and vet school?

I've been considering the fact that vet schools are very expensive and sometimes hard to get into. Is the expense really worth it if you love taking care of animals? How long does it usually take to pay off the debt if you go to a place like Auburn University for vet school in Alabama?...

#veterinary-medicine #money-management #higher-education #veterinarian

j S.’s Avatar
j S. May 17, 2016 514 views
a A.’s Avatar
a A. May 17, 2016 577 views

how can i improve my learning skills

generally i want to know it to improve my skills...


Abby T.’s Avatar
Abby T. Feb 26 43 views

I need some help figuring out my plans after college!

This question is very specific to me, but may help others in a similar position. I am a junior in college studying health science with a specialization in biomedical science. I really want to become a medical technologist (not a technician). In your opinion, what is the best path to accomplish...

#career-path #student #medicaltechnologist #medicallabscience #health #laboratory #labscience #labtechnologist #graduateschool

Gaby F.’s Avatar
Gaby F. May 19, 2016 956 views
Carley B.’s Avatar
Carley B. Jul 27, 2018 298 views

How do I know what job is right for me?

How do I know what jobs are good? Do I judge it by the benefits or the job itself? #job...


Alyssa F.’s Avatar
Alyssa F. Dec 15, 2020 109 views

I would like to get some advice. I don't really know what my next steps should be.

I was born in Massachusetts but I moved to Brazil a long time ago so I've been studying here ever since. I went back last year, because I wanted to finish High School there but, due corona virus my family thought it was better if I came home, so I did. I am currently a junior in High School and...

#college #high-school

Kenny B.’s Avatar
Kenny B. Sep 25, 2020 423 views

Will our choice in a college affect us in the long run?

Let's say I pick a college that isn't as popular as other or isn't as heard of. Will jobs look at me negatively due to that. Is there a chance I could lose the competition in getting a job because of my choice in college. How do jobs and the "real world" look at our choice in colleges for like...

#college #career-development #career

j S.’s Avatar
j S. May 16, 2016 507 views

how can i improve maths subjcet?

i can"t undrstnd in maths subject...


Abby T.’s Avatar
Abby T. Feb 18 44 views

Does anyone know any clinical lab science masters degree programs in MA or RI? Also called medical lab science, medical lab technology, etc.

It is so hard to find certain degree programs through google searches. All I see are ads and online programs, and I am definitely not looking for an online program. I want to ensure that I'm not missing any schools that offer a masters degree in this subject. #clinicallabscience...

#medicaltechnologist #medicallabscience #college #science #mastersdegree #career

s S.’s Avatar
s S. May 20, 2016 804 views

how can we know computers

i want to know computers...


Clay B.’s Avatar
Clay B. May 12, 2016 701 views

Is it difficult to find a full-time job with a major in sports mangement?

I plan on majoring in sports management. I would like to know how difficult it is to find a job as a coach, event coordinator, sports team manager. I also would like to know what careers I can pursue with a degree in Sports Management. #business #management #sports #degree...


m M.’s Avatar
m M. May 13, 2016 653 views

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