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hailey A. Oct 19, 2020 221 views
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hailey A. Oct 19, 2020 65 views

What do you do daily as a CSI worker?

I want to be in the CSI. It has always interested me to work in the forensics field. #workflow...


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Aaliyah C. Dec 12, 2019 136 views
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Kristen P. Apr 09, 2018 294 views

How often do they hire new forensic scientist?

I want to know how many they hire to know if I actually might have a chance to be hired in the future. #forensic #forensics #police #law-enforcement #science #csi...


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Mahalet A. Jan 17, 2018 512 views

How do you become a Crime Scene Technician?

I have been trying to figure out the real steps to becoming part of the Criminal Justice area, but I would really like to focus on gathering evidence, investigation, etc. However, I do not want to go on the path of a patrol/police officer in order to obtain this job. Is there a path I can take...

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Mariela G. Feb 06, 2018 809 views

What's the difference between AP Calculus and AP Statistics?

I'm choosing my classes for next year and I don't know which math class to take or which one would prepare me for forensic science . #calculus #statistics #math #stem #csi...


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Mariela G. Jan 28, 2018 366 views

Does being a CSI mean you'll constantly be called in to work at any time of the day?

I want to be CSI but I don't want to a workaholic . Plus, I plan to have a family in the future, and I don;t want my job to interfere with the quality time I'll have with my family. #csi #law-enforcement #police-and-law-enforcement...


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Alyssa S. May 10, 2016 653 views
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Richard M. Dec 07, 2016 537 views

What traits do I need to improve to be an Forensic Science Technicians

I'm a sophomore in high school and i really want to be an Forensic Science Technician but I don't what character traits I need to improve to be onw #forensic #forensic-scientist...