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What are your main resposibilitys as a company

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Ryan’s Answer

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Hi Mark,

I think I'll need a little more detail before I answer your question with any kind of specifics. I'm unsure if the question is about what the businesses main responsibilities are what an employees main responsibility are at the business?

The responsibility of the business can differ by size, industry, and classification (DBA, LLC, Corp, etc). That said the main responsibility of the business is typically to be profitable. Without profit, the business can't survive, employees don't get paid, vendors and landlords don't get paid, and the business collapses. Secondarily they typically have the responsibility to be fiscally responsible, ethical, law abiding (license & certification compliance, not bribing, environmental, various other laws) and socially aware and responsible.

The main responsibility of an employee at a business vary's widely by business, industry, leadership, culture, position within the company, etc.

Hope that helps. I recommend refining the question so we can better answer. :) What I typically do is:

1) identify my question

2) before asking, I then think about what specifically I want to know - this help me boil the question down, making it more succinct which makes it easier for the person answering to answer more specifically and for you to get the answer you're after sooner.

3) I ask the question in very specific way.


Robert’s Answer

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Hello Mark,

Most people don't want to know the responsibilities of a business, they just think that the business is supposed to be there for them. But the answer can be looked at in three views. First the view of the those that have invested their money in the business. They see the main responsibility as being profitable. The second view is that of the employee that see the business is responsible for providing a competitive wage and benefits. Thirdly that of the community in which the business is located is to be environmentally responsible, to be green as possible.

So to sum it all up the main responsibilities of a business need to be a balance of these three:

  1. To be profitable
  2. To provide jobs
  3. To be a good neighbor

Hope this helps


Andres’s Answer

Updated Miami, Florida

As working for a company, you must do what your job description and your boss tells you... also, always add value bringing new ideas on how to do better and faster your job

Sahel’s Answer

Hi Mark,

Can you elaborate on your question? If you mean, 'what are your main responsibilities working for a company' that's a really broad question! Depending on the company, and the industry, you could be a mining engineer, you could be in financial services, you could be a janitor, you could be a CFO/CEO, or you could be anywhere in between.

Do you have an idea of what position and what company you're looking at? Let me know!

Hope this helps,