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Scranton, Pennsylvania
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By the start of my senior year, I want to know exactly what I want to major in college.

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Ethan Feb 18, 2021 492 views

How much experience does iPhone photo effects correlate to an actual editing software?

Although I can't add any of my own photos to the question, if you want more information for your answer, all of my work is on my youtube channel . They were all made using iPhone photo editing. Back to the question, I would like to know...

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Ethan Feb 18, 2021 479 views

Photographers out there, how much visual effects and add ons would you normally use on a photo?

I know that effects and add ons can enhance the picture in many ways. I would like to know what your opinion is on what is too much effects. #Pet photos #waytoomuch

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Ethan Feb 09, 2021 389 views

For Carpenters out there, is it very dangerous working with a large assortment of tools?

I know with learning, tools when used properly are safe to use. There is still the thought of making a terrible mistake that may not end up to good. Is it something you get used to? Or is it something that is always on your mind? #Saftey

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Ethan Feb 09, 2021 371 views

For people in the painting business, how does your everyday life go?

Painting is an interesting job field. I want to know if the life of a painter is a complicated one, or if dealing with customers all day isn't that bad. #housemakeover

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Ethan Feb 09, 2021 807 views

Is it essential for you to go to culinary school of you want to become a baker?

Obviously it would help if I was to go, but I want to know how much experience you would get in culinary school for this type of field. #food #baking

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Ethan Jan 29, 2021 768 views

For those in the culinary field, how stressful is it working?

I want to know what it is like working on the line of a restaurant. #cooking

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Ethan Jan 21, 2021 515 views

How to know what college is right for you?

Finding the right college for me is proving to be difficult. I was always thinking about going to Penn State, but now other people's advice are steering me away from going there. It also doesn't help that I am still unsure about my major. To provide you with my preferred qualities for a...

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Ethan Jan 21, 2021 771 views

How do you narrow down your options for your major in college.

I have some options right now for my major in college. They are engineering, culinary, art, and music. I know all of them except engineering are more looked at as minors, unless you go to an art school or cooking school. I also enjoy the others more than the idea of engineering. I know its nice...

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Ethan Jan 15, 2021 519 views

How do you transfer from an athletic career to a different career path?

My dream career path is becoming a professional bowler. I have some backup plans incase that path doesn't work out. I want to know what mindset I need to have incase in doesn't go through. #Sports #Bowling