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Harper H. Oct 21, 2015 690 views

What degree does a vet need to have and how many years of college?

I am in the 6th grade and would like to become a vet when I am older. but before I need to know how many years of college I need in order to do that. Also I was wondering what degree I need. Thank you! #college #veterinarian #degree #veterinary-medicine #pet...


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Harper H. Oct 21, 2015 605 views

How much does a vet get paid if they are owning their own business?

I am in the 6th grade and would like to open up a vet and a pet hotel in the future. I am just wondering how much a vet owner would make. Thank you ! #veterinary-medicine #pet...


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Jocelyn B. Oct 08, 2014 935 views

What would be the best undergraduate major to be a veterinarian?Pre-veterinary or Animal Science?

I want to become a veterinarian, but i have no idea which major would be better. The reason for this question is because I am not sure if animal science would be best as your undergraduate major, but i also see that Pre-Vet is mentioned as an undergraduate program but i don't know if that what...

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Teal K. Apr 30, 2014 746 views

What would be a career path for someone who is considering a career in animal therapy or training?

I enjoy working with animals, and have been considering different options that allow this interaction. I do not want to be a veterinarian, but I do have interests in animal therapy or training, and I was wondering if there is any advice you could give or a path to look into during my college...

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