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Scranton, Pennsylvania

Within 40 mile radius
Brittain’s Avatar
Brittain Feb 07 213 views

How do I become a Fire Department Public Information Officer? What areas have PIOs? What are their specific duties?

I currently serve as a volunteer firefighter in Moosic, Pennsylvania. While I really enjoy the firefighting aspect of the department, I enjoy the public relations activities so much more. Ive done a lot of research into PIOs, and information is hard to come by. I have, however, looked into...

Brittain’s Avatar
Brittain Feb 07 337 views

What is the job of a Public Relations Manager? Are these only in certain fields?

I really enjoy doing public relations activities, and interacting with the public. I hope to continue doing public relations activities, and eventually lead them. While I enjoy doing PR in the emergency services section, I dont really know how PR works in a company or business....

Kateryna’s Avatar
Kateryna Jan 28, 2021 300 views

In what careers will the knowledge of few languages will be required or extremely helpful?

#career #languages #career-guidance

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Catherine Oct 04 111 views

When It comes to cooking beef?

When it comes to cooking certain meats (In this case beef, such as steak.) Is there a set time that fits best and is they're a good set of seasonings that fit this?

Rafael’s Avatar
Rafael Feb 26, 2021 597 views

Any tips on virtual interviews?

I'm a sophomore accounting major. It will be a PWC internship and I am a first generation student being both fluent in English and Spanish. #student #internships

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Leo Mar 28 196 views

How much conservation work is involved in marine biology?

I'd like to work with species and/or environment conservation, like protecting endangered species and reefs.

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haylee Oct 26, 2020 187 views

how do people come doctors ?

#doctor are they easy to be are they hard to work all day

Patricia’s Avatar
Patricia Jan 16, 2018 506 views

How do you balance kids and school and working?

I am a full time student and a single mom. My college is about 45 minutes away and I am struggling trying to find time for everything and still making sure I am with my kids everyday. Any advise. #wildlife-biology #parenting #work-life-balance #time-management

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Selena Sep 01, 2018 361 views

please help me find my career

i am a senior in high school and graduate but i dont know what i want to do i love but i dont know what career i should do in science. i love loved earth and space and bio and astronomy learning about plaets and the glaxies please help me #career

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Angel Mar 22 418 views

What is your must have spice for cooking?


Leo’s Avatar
Leo Mar 28 180 views

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of working in Marine Biology?

To get a better idea of what it's like.

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Apr 04 196 views

What is the difference in time and energy it takes; comparing the communication and paperwork sides of the job depending on whichever specific job your are apart of?

Im in trade school right now for "Hotel and Lodging", I would like any kind of advice on what i can expect on the job. Thank alot in advanced! I might go specifically for "Spa Manager", or "concierges".

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Feb 09, 2021 231 views

What does a day look like in the life of a Marketing Manager in the Music Industry?

#music #music-performance #marketing #marketing-manager

Leo’s Avatar
Leo Mar 28 229 views

What kind of internship work does one have to do in the marine biology field?

I'm planning to get an Associates degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences before getting a Bachelors in Marine Biology.

Gina’s Avatar
Gina Mar 01 206 views

Are there any opportunities for promotions in the future at jobs?

Currently working with students at Job Corps for career options. #career advancement

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Mar 22 173 views

What are the basic requirements to get a job in culinary arts?


Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Feb 09, 2021 351 views

Is it essential for you to go to culinary school of you want to become a baker?

Obviously it would help if I was to go, but I want to know how much experience you would get in culinary school for this type of field. #food #baking

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Mar 22 141 views

What do you think is the most important hurdle I will have to overcome in culinary arts?


haylee’s Avatar
haylee Oct 26, 2020 209 views

how do they work all day ?

#work like how do doctors work all day and night

Gina’s Avatar
Gina Mar 08 243 views

What is your signature dish?

#culinary arts

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Oct 27, 2020 218 views

How old were you when you wanted to be a firefighter?

Hello. I am in an 8th grade career writing class and our assignment is to ask questions about jobs were are interested in. When did you know you wanted to be a firefighter? Did you always want to be one?

Gina’s Avatar
Gina Mar 08 165 views

Name three kitchen utensils that a chef could not do without


Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jan 27 255 views

How can I stay calm and not get overwhelmed my first year in the pre-PA program?

I am a senior in high school and I was accepted to a 5 year Physician Assistant program. The first 3 years are regular classes, the last 2 are my clinicals. How can I manage having a job and completing all of my school work without getting stressed out? #medicine #physicianassistant #college...

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jan 27 265 views

How can I pick between 3 specialties I really want to do?

I start my first year of Physician Assistant school this fall. I already know I'm interested in pediatrics, behavioral health, and oncology. How can I decide what to do between those 3? #healthcare #medicine #college #medical #pediatrics #psych #oncology #physicianassistant

Brittain’s Avatar
Brittain Feb 07 517 views

What is the job of a Civil Engineer?

I am interested in designing cities. The way their roads flow, the way the buildings are arranged, etc... and when conducting research in the field found Civil Engineering. However, not much information was provided about the field, and Id like to get to know more from those who do the job!...

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Feb 09, 2021 257 views

What does a day look like in the life of a Director of Publicity in the Music Industry?

#music #music-industry #director-of-publicity #public-relations

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Oct 26, 2016 898 views

If I don't know as much as my high school peers about tech, will I be behind in college?

The high school I currently attend doesn't have tech classes that delve into the topics of cyber security (or what cyber even is, for that matter), computer programming, or the basic fundamentals of how computers are built. Over the summer, I was chosen as a participant for the GenCyber Program...

MaryKate’s Avatar
MaryKate Oct 28, 2018 327 views

What internship programs are available for nursing studnts? Are they easy to find?

From college visits internships were viewed highly. I want to be prepared in advance.


Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Oct 27, 2020 233 views

I am interested in working with computers?

Hello. I would like to know some of the different careers I could get with working on the computer? I like computers and I know that you can fix them and use them for work but what else can I do?

Aubrey’s Avatar
Aubrey Mar 20, 2018 425 views

Why is it so confusing getting student loan information?

I find a lot of information about why private student loans are the worst way to go to pay for school, but as the last of 8 kids in my family I need to pay my way through college. I received a good package from my school, but there is still a gap and it seems like no one from my financial aid...

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