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Career Questions tagged Big4

Humberto’s Avatar
Humberto Jul 11, 2022 426 views

Is getting MBA post-grad worth it? Bentley University

I am currently a consulting intern at a Big 4 company and was wondering if getting my MBA degree soon after my Bachelors degree is worth it? I have spoken with so many successful professionals in the firm without one and do not see the ROI being so high. I am currently on an accelerated MBA at...

Max’s Avatar
Max Jun 29, 2022 563 views

How do I get into management consulting with a Big 4 Firm?

Hi! I hope you’re all well and safe. I just wanted to know what I could do now as a second semester sophomore to improve my chances of working in management consulting for a Big 4 accounting firm. Thank you!!

Erie’s Avatar
Erie Nov 17, 2021 1106 views

how can someone go about getting into the Big 4 without having a finance degree and coming out of a college that did not have the big 4 recruiting from them.

#business #big4

Abdullah’s Avatar
Abdullah Feb 08, 2021 940 views

Breaking into MGMNT consulting?

Hi! I hope you’re all well and safe. I just wanted to know what I could do now as a second semester freshman to make it easier for me to break in to management consulting, preferably at a big 4 accounting firm? Thank you!! <333 #career #finance #accounting #consulting #big4 #advisory...

Esther’s Avatar
Esther Jan 04, 2018 1084 views

Are there any advice or tips on how to properly network with professional accountants?

I am a second year accounting student that have attended many career fairs, networking events, and clubs to start building the all-important connections. However, I feel I have not made much progress each time I go to a different event. My questions are generic despite how hard I try to come up...

Kiat’s Avatar
Kiat Sep 01, 2017 1159 views

Jobs outside of Big4 accounting?

I am pursuing an accounting degree from a top target school. However, I do not want to do audit or tax. Are there any other careers outside of traditional accounting that I can pursue with an accounting degree?

#accounting #Big4