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Career Questions tagged Applied Mathematics

Jaythean’s Avatar
Jaythean Feb 26, 2021 956 views

What jobs are available to someone interested in the math field?

I am a Junior from KIPP Academy in Lynn Massachusetts and for most of my academic career have found a liking in math, as a result of this interest I was hoping to continue pursuing this at the next level and was hoping to see some examples of jobs that involve math. #mathematics #career-options...

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Feb 23, 2021 340 views

How do you get an engineering job or opportunity before leaving college

I'm a Jr who's fascinated by any type of engineering especially civil engineering. I plan on going to college for 4 years at most but i don't want those 4 years to go to waste if I never pursue a career in this area. #career-choice #information-technology #engineering #architect...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica May 10, 2018 701 views

How can you use a B.A in Math to enter the software world?

For example, I'm curious about how I could use a BA in Math to work at a company like Google. #math #mathematics #applied-mathematics #computational-mathematics #mathematical-modeling #workingforgoogle #google

Danial’s Avatar
Danial Jan 18, 2018 620 views

What sort of tasks does a mathematician commonly do in their job?

While I know the image of "people in suits crunching numbers" is wholly false, I'm not actually all that sure about what mathematicians (whether they're studying topology, physics, or any branch beyond) commonly do as a part of their occupation. Is it more akin to individual work or research in...

Hashir’s Avatar
Hashir Nov 03, 2016 1002 views

Should I major in theoretical mathematics or applied mathematics in undergraduate?

I've taken both theoretical and applied math courses, but I was wondering what the different prospects in terms of career paths there are from one versus the other? #career #career-path #mathematics #undergraduate #applied-mathematics #theoretical

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Oct 29, 2016 773 views

What are common career paths for a math major?

I am interested in math, but cannot see myself teaching. What other possibilities are there? #applied-mathematics

madison’s Avatar
madison Oct 28, 2016 775 views

what sort of careers can I pursue with a maths degree?

I love math, especially calculus and algebra, but there's not exactly a job where I can just solve equations all day, so what could I do with an advanced mathematics degree besides being a teacher or professor? #mathematics #statistics #applied-mathematics #mathematician #calculus #algebra...

Kai’s Avatar
Kai Oct 26, 2016 546 views

What is the primary difference, whether it be course work and classes or what kind of study each are, between a applied physics/ engineering physics major versus a mechanical engineering major? What career opportunities do each of the majors give?

I am confused between applying to college for an applied physics and engineering physics major or simply a mechanical engineering major without clearly understanding what each major entails. I don't know the specific differences between the two majors and it would definitely help if someone...

Kai’s Avatar
Kai Oct 26, 2016 833 views

Is there a merit selecting an Applied Physics/ Engineering Physics major over a mechanical or aerospace engineering major career wise in the future? Which offers more critical problem-solving requirements for these jobs?

As a student primarily interested in math, physics, and engineering, I constantly wonder which major I should decide. I have loved the necessary logic and problem solving required in some of the math and physics courses I take in high school but always consider if engineering is the right major...

Barry’s Avatar
Barry Oct 23, 2016 634 views

What books or information should I get into or read to help me prosper in the Medical field, college, and med. school?

My name is Barry, I wish to go into the medical field so that I can become an Anesthesiologist. Currently I am in the 11th grade and enrolled in the International Baccalaureate programme hoping to gain some insight on what the medical field is like and what knowledge I should gain to help get...

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Oct 22, 2016 716 views

What is the range of career fields one can be involved in with a degree in mathematics?

I'm personally very interested in majoring in mathematics in college. #mathematics #applied-mathematics

Sukaina ’s Avatar
Sukaina Jun 22, 2016 950 views

I am good in mathematics. What would be the best Career choice for me apart from Engineering.

Various Career choices #engineer #mathematics #math #applied-mathematics

Carlos’s Avatar
Carlos May 26, 2016 955 views

What are the differences between the math majors? And what are their benefits?

I'm asking this questions because I want to major in math, but there are many areas to choose from. #mathematics #applied-mathematics #computational-mathematics #discrete-mathematics

Keegan’s Avatar
Keegan May 16, 2016 1040 views

Is it vital to have an undergraduate degree in Mechanical or Automotive Engineering to pursue a graduate degree in the same fields, or is it okay to major in something like physics or applied mathematics and then switch over for grad school?

Hi! My name's Keegan and I'll be attending Tulane University in the fall. I'm interested in the automotive engineering industry and plan on completing a 3 + 2 year program where I obtain a BS in physics from Tulane in 3 years and then a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins or...

Maia’s Avatar
Maia May 15, 2016 1656 views

What are the worst parts about being a university professor?

I'm looking at getting my PhD in mathematics and eventually teaching at a college level. It sounds like the perfect job: low stress, work with scholars and students passionate about the subject, continued study in the field of choice, and travel opportunities. I was wondering what some of the...

Maia’s Avatar
Maia May 15, 2016 1111 views

How much mathematics consulting work is available?

I'm looking at majoring in Applied Mathematics. I know that there is some consulting that mathematicians do for large businesses or government organizations. How much does consulting contribute to your salary? How often can you get consulting work? #mathematics #consulting #statistics...

Augusta Irechukwu’s Avatar
Augusta Dec 26, 2013 1093 views

To get to the point where you have received your PhD in Mathematics, what did you have to do and/or learn?

If you don't mind may you break it down by each degree (Bachelors, Masters, etc)? #career #mathematics #math #phd #applied-mathematics

Augusta Irechukwu’s Avatar
Augusta Dec 26, 2013 1691 views

As a math major what is your career and what are some of your responsibilities?

I would like to get an understanding of the career possibilities for a math major. #career #mathematics #math #applied-mathematics