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What is the range of career fields one can be involved in with a degree in mathematics?

I'm personally very interested in majoring in mathematics in college. mathematics applied-mathematics

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2 answers

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Susan’s Answer

Christopher - if you are still looking, you might consider global insurance companies as possible employers. Ours, one of the Fortune 50 companies, has many areas where math is critical - our Science teams, Actuaries, etc.

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Jereena’s Answer

A degree in Mathematics will expose you to a variety of career options including Cryptographer, Actuary, Data Analyst, Statistician, Algorithms Engineer, Scientist and many. A good mathematician need not worry about getting a job. I personally enjoyed learning maths in School and College than any other subjects.

It is definitely a good career option, which many fail to acquire. However, you need to have a whole lot of passion for it, if not any rational person will give up like Steve Jobs said once.

Happy Learning:)