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As a math major what is your career and what are some of your responsibilities?

I would like to get an understanding of the career possibilities for a math major. career mathematics math applied-mathematics

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3 answers

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Julia’s Answer

I majored in math! Now I work as a computer programmer. I don't use most of the things I studied in university directly, but studying math made me think differently about solving problems, and I'm really happy I did it.

It also means that most of the math I encounter in my work is really easy for me to grasp, since it's usually much simpler than the math I studied in university.

Thank you, this answered some of my questions. Angelo M.

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Geoff’s Answer

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Like Julia, I also majored in math on my way to becoming a computer programmer as my first career. I'm on my 4th career now, and I don't use my math experience directly anymore. Many people change careers during their working lives so what you choose to major in college may not be directly useful to your 2nd, 3rd, or ... career. As Julia says, what's most important is what your major teaches you about how to think about things. Math teaches you to look at problems logically, how to analyze them, and also to appreciate elegant solutions.

If you like math, there are lots more things you can do with your math training nowadays than ever before -- even if you're not interested in computer programming! As computers and software become increasingly important in the world, the need for trained mathematicians has increased in many fields that never used to be concerned with math before. Take online marketing, a field which didn't use to exist, but is now a huge industry. Are the ads you're seeing on facebook or twitter effective? How can anyone know? Math has the answer (statistics, a sub-specialty of mathematics). Maybe instead you want to be part of the world of high finance? The hottest talent on Wall St are the people they call "quants", short for "quantitative". Read that as "math". So if you like math, you've got lots of potential ahead of you!

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Diana’s Answer

I am majoring in Applied Mathematics and will be graduating in 1 year time. I interned as Fund Accountant last year and will intern as Operations Analyst (banking) this summer. Like what have been mentioned by other people, I don't really use mathematics theorem used in my maths modules. However, what I have gained from my mathematics major is logical thinking skills (from all the mathematics proving). I think this skill really helps me when I have to analyse things. Hope this helps!