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Career Questions tagged College Teaching

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Jan 17, 2018 481 views

Which colleges focus more on academics and make learning fun?

I would like to know this because I dont want to go to a boring school and have no fun while studying my major. #college #education #higher-education #college-teaching #university-teaching

Jagadish’s Avatar
Jagadish May 29, 2016 636 views

how to become a architecture?

I dont know what should I want to do after completing my PU. #engineer #student #architect #engineering #it #experts #college-teaching #it-architect

Rosa’s Avatar
Rosa May 20, 2016 1225 views

How does the process of college work? Do people help you, guide you, through college or is it more independent?

I am asking because I am currently being pressured to start my college search and applications and do not know exactly how the process of collefe works. #education #leader #college-teaching

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 16, 2016 1263 views

How do I become a college professor?

I want to be a college professor one day, but not sure the path to that! #college #teacher #professor #university #phd #university-teaching #college-teaching

Maia’s Avatar
Maia May 15, 2016 1573 views

What are the worst parts about being a university professor?

I'm looking at getting my PhD in mathematics and eventually teaching at a college level. It sounds like the perfect job: low stress, work with scholars and students passionate about the subject, continued study in the field of choice, and travel opportunities. I was wondering what some of the...

Shankar’s Avatar
Shankar May 10, 2016 571 views

If I pursue civil engineering in premium instituion. In which field can I do an MBA?

I do not know any civil engineers with an MBA. I want to do an MBA in America. #college-teaching