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Career Questions tagged University Teaching

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jan 21, 2018 534 views

How hard is it to find short-term work at a university?

I'm interested in working at a university after graduating (as a researcher and a professor), but I'm still unsure if I want to do that for the rest of my life or settle down in one place. Are there a lot of jobs for people who only want to teach for a limited time? Or do universities generally...

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Jan 19, 2018 473 views

Whether teaching experience in graduate school is necessary or at least optimal for securing a post-graduate teaching position at a college or university?

As a newly minted graduate student, I was wondering whether colleges looking to hire post-graduates for teaching positions generally place extensive weight on teaching experience? Once I finish coursework in graduate school, is it advisable to teach classes while working on a dissertation or...

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Jan 18, 2018 1205 views

Should I pursue my passion or what makes the most money?

For years I've been working with kids in elementary, middle, and high school. I have a knack for teaching as I tend to have a very strong conceptual grasp on many subjects, especially math. My parents even said I should become a professor when I grow up. My mom works at a university and she has...

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Jan 17, 2018 498 views

Which colleges focus more on academics and make learning fun?

I would like to know this because I dont want to go to a boring school and have no fun while studying my major. #college #education #higher-education #college-teaching #university-teaching

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 10, 2017 948 views

What are the requirements to become a professor?

Don't know the answer #professor #university-teaching #career-details

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Jess Apr 01, 2017 723 views

Is it wise to apply to more than one college?

I intend to study in Singapore, so I would prefer an answer relevant to the Singapore context, but I'm open to answers related to university applications for other countries. #university #university-applications #university-teaching

Estefania’s Avatar
Estefania Mar 08, 2017 1186 views

what are some careers in Psychology?

I want to be a psychologist but I don't know what type. #psychology #college-major #career-counseling #career-choice #career-path #choosing-a-major #university-teaching #user-experience

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Feb 13, 2017 1091 views

What are the prerequisites to become a professor at a college?

I am studying Information Systems Technology and am planning on becoming a teacher some day. #teaching #professor #information-technology #university-teaching

Bonnie’s Avatar
Bonnie Oct 25, 2016 742 views

How difficult is it to transfer to UC Davis?

I am currently a biology major in community college and I was wondering, from first hand experience, how difficult was it for a majority of you to transfer into UC Davis, and how much time did you devote to it? Was the teaching style different from college to university? #college #biology...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 28, 2016 1548 views

How do you set up short-term goals?

I am unsure how to set up a desire to accomplish simple planning. #engineering #aviation #japan #athletic-training #computer-games #university-teaching #motivational-speaking #undecided

Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby Jul 25, 2016 703 views

What is the best strategy for tutoring peers?

Some of my classmates struggle with concepts I'm familiar with. I'd easily be able to help them, but don't want to seem too forward. What's the best way to offer assistance without coming off as condescending or otherwise? #teaching #student #university-teaching #tutoring #peer-tutoring

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jul 20, 2016 950 views

Where can I get engineering books very cheap?

Hello. My name is Michael and I am a first year engineering major. My plan is to go to A & M Galveston to major in Maritime Engineering with the licensing option. I am doing my homework right now. I have a list of books the Coast Guard gets their questions from. Anyway, is there any good...

Ellena’s Avatar
Ellena May 24, 2016 774 views

What college electives would be beneficial to me if I want to be a post-secondary teacher?

I aspire to be a college professor, which I realized requires much dedication and time, all that I am willing to put in. I want to know what electives I should take or perhaps campus jobs that would help prepare me for this career. #professor #jobs #electives #teaching #university-teaching...

angel’s Avatar
angel May 17, 2016 798 views

Are there any jobs I can do for paleontology that aren't teaching positions?

Are the only things available professor positions that are sponsored by colleges to go dig up bones? #college #university-teaching #archeology #paleontology #education #career #career-counseling #science

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 16, 2016 1289 views

How do I become a college professor?

I want to be a college professor one day, but not sure the path to that! #college #teacher #professor #university #phd #university-teaching #college-teaching

sandhyarani’s Avatar
sandhyarani May 10, 2016 862 views

Sociology Teacher

I Have completed 10th, so i want to became a sociology teacher, so please help me which subject suitable for this career. #college #career #teaching #higher-education #sociology #university-teaching