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What college electives would be beneficial to me if I want to be a post-secondary teacher?

I aspire to be a college professor, which I realized requires much dedication and time, all that I am willing to put in. I want to know what electives I should take or perhaps campus jobs that would help prepare me for this career. professor jobs electives teaching university-teaching post-secondary higher-education college

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2 answers

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Lauren’s Answer

Post-secondary professors can teach a variety of topics/subjects they are an expert in. This requires a master's degree, a Ph.D, or relevant work experience in their field of expertise. Colleges and Universities also like professors who have experience in student development and higher education mentorship, so involving yourself in campus clubs and organizations that serve the student population will help. This could be things like peer mentors, campus ambassadors, etc. Also, electives that focus on creative writing and public speaking would be beneficial to add to your resume.

Lauren recommends the following next steps:

Narrow down a few subjects/fields of interest you'd like to teach and take courses that relate to those. The more knowledge you have in one specific subject, the better.
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Mandy’s Answer

Specific upper level course in you undergrad to your desired field of education. Do really well. Then find a masters program and further specialize in desired area of instruction. Then find a PhD program (hopefully one with a teaching load and scholarship) and you'll be on your way. Maintain excellent lines of communication with all professors in your field for mentoring and networking down the road. This is critical.