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Career Questions tagged Archeology

Zach’s Avatar
Zach Nov 10, 2020 578 views

What is it like to be a cop/and or police officer

I like and love and admire and am grateful that cops/and or police officers protect and serve the people specifically which who would be us #environmental-engineering #environmental-science #scientist #aviation-industry #environmental-services #mathematician #biomedical #cops/police officers...

Tjuan’s Avatar
Tjuan Oct 13, 2020 649 views

I want to become a Computer architecture #

#technology #career #archectecture #archeology

Any tips?

keyhan’s Avatar
keyhan Nov 14, 2019 405 views

how do you become an archeologist

12 years old
i like science
i like to study extinct animals #science #animals
im also intrested in paleontology #archeology

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Aug 21, 2018 502 views

What archeology program has the best job placement rate?

#archeology #jobs #career #college #studyabroad

Veronika’s Avatar
Veronika Aug 12, 2018 476 views

What schools are best for studying archeology?

I live in the state of Georgia and have been unable to find any schools that major in archeology. Where should I go to major in archeology? #majors #archeology # #college-major #archaeologist

Veronika’s Avatar
Veronika Aug 12, 2018 408 views

What are the best courses to take if I want to be an archaeologist?

Ever since I was 3, I wanted to be an archaeologist/paleontologist. I am finding it very hard to find courses to take if I want to major in those fields. What are the best courses to take?
#archeology #paleontology #paleontologist #archaeologist

VIL’s Avatar
VIL Jul 18, 2018 534 views

How can augmented reality be used for forensics? -Gracie, Lexie

I'm a young woman in middle school who's learning about augmented reality at STEM camp. I'm not sure exactly what I want to be when I grow up, but I've narrowed it down to forensic anthropologist or tattoo artist. How can anthropologists use AR to study prehistoric cultures? - Gracie What are...

Aabheer mgr’s Avatar
Aabheer mgr Jul 09, 2016 785 views

which group i will take in my higher studies for archeologist?

I will very interested in history. #archeology #technologist

Archie’s Avatar
Archie Jun 24, 2016 762 views

Ever since a small girl, I used to watch Discovery channel and developed an interest in archeology. the excavations always fascinated me and hence I want to pusue a career in Archeology. what is that i can do to become an Archeologist

I am fascinated by archeology and want to become an Archeologist #civil-engineering #civil #archeology

hope’s Avatar
hope Jun 09, 2016 544 views

What does the average day like for an archeologist?

I'm really interested in Mayan/Central American archaeology, and I was wondering what the day to day tasks include for an archeologist. #anthropology #archeology

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 24, 2016 680 views

Are there many jobs in archaeology?

I am interested in archaeology as a career, and just want to find out how viable of a career choice it is #archeology

angel’s Avatar
angel May 19, 2016 815 views

what tools do paleontologist need to use

I am asking this because I want to be ready #archeology

angel’s Avatar
angel May 17, 2016 799 views

Are there any jobs I can do for paleontology that aren't teaching positions?

Are the only things available professor positions that are sponsored by colleges to go dig up bones? #college #university-teaching #archeology #paleontology #education #career #career-counseling #science

Mary’s Avatar
Mary May 15, 2016 661 views

What career are available for an archaeologist?

I'm fascinated by archaeology but wonder if there really are jobs after graduation. #in #archeology #graduated

Poomitha’s Avatar
Poomitha Apr 30, 2016 1036 views

What is the education qualification to get into Archeology?

Hai i am poomitha i am studying 10th question is what is the education qualification for get into Archeology department. #professor #lecturer #archeology