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how do you become an archeologist

12 years old
i like science
i like to study extinct animals #science #animals
im also intrested in paleontology #archeology

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2 answers

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Anne’s Answer

If you're really interested in extinct animals, that would be the study of paleontology. Archaeology usually involves the study of human history through artifacts and excavating locations where people settled long ago. Paleontology is a combination of biology, environmental science and geology. You need to study present day life in order to understand life on Earth millions of years ago. Paleontologists study fossils - ancient living organisms that have been preserved in rocks. Not all colleges have a major in paleontology, so many people study geology/geosciences and specialize by taking "paleo" classes. Usually people in these fields get a bachelor's degree and then go to graduate school to get a Master' degree or PhD. But you can still work in these areas with just a BA or BS degree.

If you're interested in Paleontology, you should...

+ take all the Biology classes you can in high school.

+ take Chemistry (because Earth's natural systems are based on certain chemical elements and their cycles in the environment. For example, Carbon in the atmosphere and as part of photosynthesis and the role it plays in changing the physical environment).

+ take Earth Science classes if your school has them.

Do some research online to find colleges and universities that have paleontology classes or majors. Look for schools that have good Earth Science/Geology programs. Find a college that has a good program, but is also a place where you will be happy.

Here are a few links to get you started:




Colleges/Universities near you that have good Geoscience programs:



#geology #paleontology #geoscience #evolution #earthscience #science

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Donielle’s Answer

Good Afternoon!

If you go on this website below, it will give you information on what you will need to do to start :)


Archaeologist: Educational Requirements for a Career in Archaeology

I hope this helps!