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ajeet K. May 05, 2016 536 views

I want to be a scientist Can I become a scientist described?

I am in 9th class, I want to be a scientist Can I become a scientist described? #scientist...


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Allyson F. May 11, 2016 589 views

Would a BS degree in Environmental Engineering help me with my career goal to be a Director of a Water Treatment Plant?

I am currently enrolled in the Water Technology Program at my high school and hope to graduate high school with my General AA from the community college as well as my class C water operator's license. I am trying to decide on my university and major for after I grudate. #in #field #water...

#career-counseling #engineering #environment #college #career #science

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Christian G. May 13, 2016 534 views

Regarding the future of Physician Assistants, do you believe they will be allowed to do more in their respective areas of work.

I am considering a career as a Physician Assistant and I have always heard that PAs are not allowed to do as much as the Physicians. I am curious about the job and how it will change in the future. #doctor #science #medicine #pre-med #physician #careers #hospitals #hospital...

#career #hospital-and-health-care

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Marica T. May 16, 2016 1174 views

What exactly does it take to obtain a masters degree in Ecology, what should I expect and how long does it take to gain a masters in Ecology?

I'm interested in Ecology, i'm aware that i'd have to go to graduate school but exactly how long. I would like to get a persons perspective that's actually been through the process. #biology #ecologist #science #ecology #career...


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Lydia M. May 18, 2016 514 views

What are some careers in the Environmental Design major?

I'm thinking about possibly studying Environmental Design. I love design and people told me it's a growing field. #general #environmental-services #science...


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Yu-Wei H. May 20, 2016 491 views

Can someone fill me in on what exactly Environmental Engineers do?

I am crazy about environmental sciences, but I'm not sure whether to go towards environmental engineering or environmental sciences. Im not clear as to what exactly does these two majors lead to and what they do specifically. Thank you! #environmental-science...


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Katherine C. Oct 20, 2016 473 views
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Parker S. Oct 25, 2016 608 views

What classes best prepare you for a career in STEM fields?

I am getting to that point where I need to seriously get my future figured out. #college #science #education #stem...


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Utah W. Oct 27, 2016 457 views

Will studying Physics help me better understand the study of Atmospheric Science?

I've always wanted to study Atmospheric Science and get my masters in that degree, but my parents says it is smarter to get a degree in Physics first, then transfer to Atmospheric Science. Is this a smart move or will it be a waste of time? Is there another degree I could take to help my study...

#physics #atmospheric-science #college-major #meteorology #science

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Danielle K. Oct 29, 2016 376 views

What colleges are best recommended for a pre medicine path?

The college selection precess is very overwhelming. Of course I want to get into a college that will help me get into a prestigious medical school. Are there any that you would recommend that I should research? #doctor #medicine #science #college-major #pre-med...


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Nolan J. Feb 09, 2017 400 views

Should science and math be majors?

In the cosmetology field in college is science and math majors for it? Or is it a WHOLE different field itself? #college #science #math...


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Maria T. Mar 12, 2017 630 views

As a woman in a STEM field or a woman going into a STEM field, have you ever felt that you were in any discriminated against due to your gender?

As an 18 year old female chem major (soon to be chemical engineering), I'm curious about others experiences in typically male dominated classes/majors/jobs. #engineering #science #chemistry #stem #chemical-engineering #women-in-stem #women-in-tech...


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Ursula G. Apr 07, 2017 748 views

What is a good entry level job in Post-Production?

I'm a film student interested in editing and I wanted to get a summer job. Most people say that 1st Assistant Editor is an entry level job, but it actually requires a lot of skill to be the 1st assistant and still being on my first at university I don't think I'm ready for such responsibility....

#film-production #editing #film #post-production #summer-jobs #video-editing

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Jack D. Nov 06, 2017 473 views

How can I be a funny YouTuber and is it worth it

the reason I'm asking is because I want to be a YouTuber and half of my fanbase will be on what type of commentary I will use like have a serious or funny approach and I want to be the best I can . #youtuber #social-media #content-creation #media-production...


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Ashley H. Dec 11, 2017 666 views

What does the typical day of an environmental scientist look like?

So, I understand that it a very, VERY broad field. But, I am curious as to the range of jobs and daily activities associated with working within the environmental sciences/biology/geology? Thank you! #environmental-science #biology #environmental-geology #geology...