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What jobs would be available for an Aquatic Biologist?

Ive always wanted to be an Aquatic Biologist but have had a had time finding jobs to use this skill?

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2 answers

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Anne’s Answer

From Gary's answer you can see that there are lots of jobs for aquatic biologists. It's a broad field. You should narrow down the areas you're most interested in & then look for jobs that best match your interests. Do you prefer saltwater or freshwater habitats? Plants vs animals? Macro vs micro? Do you want a job right out of college or do you plan to go to graduate school?

Pittsfield isn't too far from the Mystic Aquarium in CT or Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute on Cap Cod so maybe worth a trip. You could contact employees there & maybe do an informational interview to get an idea of what their jobs are like.

Good luck with your studies.

Here are some links that might be helpful:

Thank you comment icon This was super helpful, thank you! Braden B.
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Gary’s Answer

With a BS degree in Fish Biology I worked as:
Biological Aide. Federal, NOAA
Fisheries manager. Tribe
Hatchery Manager. Consulting company.
Fish Biologist, State agency
Strategic Advisor. City water agency
Fish Biologist. NOAA , NMFS
Look at listings for federal, tribal, consulting, state, county, conservation organizations, aquriums, and city jobs. Universities often have job listings, sometimes professional organizations have listings, and do searches....conservation jobs. Sometimes you have to dig. I know of one county that hires biologists as engineers. Best wishes.
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much for the advice. Braden B.