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How can augmented reality be used for forensics? -Gracie, Lexie

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I'm a young woman in middle school who's learning about augmented reality at STEM camp. I'm not sure exactly what I want to be when I grow up, but I've narrowed it down to forensic anthropologist or tattoo artist. How can anthropologists use AR to study prehistoric cultures? - Gracie

What are some ways an archeologist or detective could use AR? - Lexie

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2 answers

Lai’s Answer

Updated Redmond, Washington

You and I have the same interest. Imagine you can superimpose pieces of information you gathered via forensic science and create new computer generated images that help you to re-trace the possible sequence of events, not just a static piece of information anymore.

Hector’s Answer


This is a great question! Augmented Reality will be a great tool in forensics. It gives the opportunity to immerge yourself into a crime scene. Revisit and look for clues you may have missed. A picture can only tell you so much. With Augmented Reality it would change everything since it would give you the opportunity to view everything in 360 like if you were actually there.