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Great Barrington, Massachusetts
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I want to be a forensic psychologist in the U.S. in the F.B.I

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Madison Mar 04, 2021 533 views

will I need to become a police officer before I can become a forensic psychologist?

I've seen a few places that mention I might need to become a police officer to then advance to a forensic psychologist and I was wondering if that was accurate. #psychologist #psychology #forensics #police

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Madison Mar 04, 2021 405 views

what's the day-in-the-life of someone in forensics?

what would someone who is planning to go into forensics expect a day to be like. what skill will they use of the daily? #forensics #crime #psychology

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Madison Mar 04, 2021 296 views

how many years of college do you need to be a forensic psychologist?

I would like to go into the forensics, more specifically phycology, and I was curious as to how long I should expect to go to college for. #psychology #forensics

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Madison Feb 11, 2021 441 views

what is forensic physcology like as a career

I am a high schooler and i have always been very interested in trying to find out why people do the things they do, which is how I became interested in phycology. I like watching interviews and trying to analyze peoples behaviors throughout the scenes. I was wondering what it would be like to...