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Once I get to college how do I join rotc for the Air Force?

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3 answers

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KEVIN’s Answer

Good morning!

With any ROTC program at colleges, please first find out if that college offers a ROTC program.

The university I attended, Villanova, has a long time established ROTC program with the NAVY.

The schools will give you the requirements needed to join the program, and the benefits associated. Normally, the military service will require 4/5 years of active duty service once you graduate college and are commissioned an Officer.

Best wishes!!

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Lance’s Answer

Each branch has its own ROTC program and some campuses may not have all of the branches represented. ROTC programs offer scholarships to qualified individuals on a competitive basis, but starting in an ROTC program is as easy as taking one of the ROTC classes at your college. Classes like Military Science will automatically get you enrolled in the ROTC program without committing you to military service (you can try it out and if you don't like it, you can quit).

There are requirements that must be met and the differ for each branch of service. You should talk to your high school guidance counselor as a first step to find out if the college that your interested in has an Air Force ROTC program.

Lance recommends the following next steps:

Talk to your high school guidance counselor.
Talk to an Air Force ROTC liaison at your college to find out what the requirements are.
Since you're a high school senior, think about applying for an ROTC scholarship - the application window starts early and is competitive, so if this is something you're interested in, start NOW.

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Lindsey’s Answer

You can join Air Force ROTC at almost any college you attend! Just check with the university you end up going to and see if they have Air Force ROTC at their college/univeristy or if they are considered a "crosstown" school. You sign up for ROTC classes just like you would any other college course. As a freshman you would end up take two actual classes each semester (a 1 hour academic class and a 2 hour leadership labaratory class that also includes 2-3 hours of physical training each week). The days/times for each class differ based on the university you end up attending

Lindsey recommends the following next steps:

Once accepted into a university research their ROTC opportunities (check with the registrar)
Register for ROTC courses like you normally would for any other class