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If I’m sure that I am going to attend a community college because there is no way I can afford a University without scholarships covering most or all of my tuition, should I still apply to universities incase I am lucky enough to receive scholarships that will cover all of my tuition? Or is it best to only apply to a community college?

Asked Eugene, Oregon

3 answers

Alina’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Yes, you should still apply to a few universities in case you do receive scholarships. I also applied to a few local volunteer based scholarships (Key Club, Rotary club) when because I did not have much funding from my family so that’s another option to consider. One of the universities I applied to in Florida (FGCU) did provide a little funding (a few thousand dollars) but it ultimately that alone was not enough to make a huge difference in which school I picked. The biggest factor at this point is whether you will have enough time to apply to all these schools. I would pick a few local universities that you are fairly sure you will get into (having above average GPA /SAT for that school) and those are more likely than higher reputation universities to provide you some funding.

Alina recommends the following next steps:

  • Apply to a few local universities
  • Apply to a few local / volunteer scholarships

Rita’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
You can not lose anything if you apply to universities at the same time you are attending a community college. Actually, it is a great way to cut down your cost of obtaining a bachelors degree by attending a more affordable community college for your first two years of your undergraduate degree. Most universities offer scholarships to high performing students who cannot other wise afford college. Also check into first generation assistance too.

Serge V.’s Answer

Updated Linden, New Jersey
Gabriela, You should still apply to universities even though you may not attend. If you are accepted and can't afford it, you can alway go the following semester and try to speak to financial aid to figure something out to help you pay for school. I hope this helps you out.. Keep me posted. Serge