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Rosa C. Aug 31, 2017 354 views

How difficult is it to find a music director job for high school?

I am currently a college sophomore at Sam Houston State University and was wondering if I should maybe transfer to University of Houston to have perhaps a better rep? Would it be easier for me to get a job if I graduated from there instead of SHSU? #music #highschool #musiced #music-production...


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Patrick D. Sep 01, 2017 362 views

What support programs are there for students with autism in college? #autism#support

I am asking since my parents want me to have extra support while in college? # autism#support .#technolgy #medicine #highschool #college #disabilities #accessibility...


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Shalini S. Dec 30, 2017 347 views

How to prepare for CSIR NET Exam ?

want to know about preparation tips for csir net exam. #exams...


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James M. Jan 03, 2018 427 views
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Zitlali G. Jan 12, 2018 405 views

If I already took Biology and Chemistry what other class could I take in highschool to help me become a Registered Nurse

Im a #highschool student wanting to become a Registered Nurse I'm done with my two required #classes and I would like to know what other class I could take to help me achieve my goal of becoming a #registered-nurse #nursing #healthcare...


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Haley C. Mar 13, 2018 259 views

What advice would you give to a student applying to their dream school?

I'll be a #highschool senior in the fall! What do you wish you heard earlier in the application process? What did you wish you had done earlier in high school to help yourself get into your dream school? I am head-over-heels for Duke! Any advice to prepare an eager student is much...

#college-admissions #college

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Kylie B. Mar 18, 2018 278 views

What would be the pathway to take to go pre-med in college?

In high school, the closest thing to a medical degree we have talked about is biology so I don't know what classes, volunteer programs, or internships I should take to help me get into college for pre-med. #premed #medicine...


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Bethany C. May 09, 2018 253 views

Could you go to college for 2 years to be a professional singer?

I have to do a research project for school this way once I graduate high school I have an idea of what I want to do and where I want to go.#singer...


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Ava C. May 10, 2018 356 views

While in high school, how do you know if medical school is the right decision / path?

I'm currently a junior in high school, and just wondering how I can know whether or not I really want to go into medicine. I've heard that shadowing is a good way to find out, but I don't know any doctors and its really hard to find opportunities for people under 18. Suggestions? #medicine...

#highschool #medical-school #healthcare #physician

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Karisma B. May 11, 2018 330 views

How am I supposed to pay for tuition without going into debt?

I’m on my own when it comes to the college experience, and I really don’t want to be in debt for the rest of my life all because I wanted a better education. FAFSA can only cover so much of the tuition, how am I supposed to manage being a full time student as well as a full time employee?...

#school #highschool #fafsa #scholarships

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Sarah Q. May 13, 2018 346 views

How can I better manage my time?

I am a full time mom, full time x-ray technologist and a full time student. What is a good way to manage my time so that I can give diligent attention to all my responsibilities? #time-management #momlife #healthcare #bachelorsdegree...


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Samuel A. Sep 01, 2018 335 views

What will help college admissions officers look at my resume

What kind of things should I do to differentiate my self from the rest of the crowd of other students. # #resume #college...


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Alyssa D. Nov 14, 2019 121 views
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Casey K. Nov 20, 2019 86 views

Are there any schools in south Dakota that you can go to be an astronomer?

#college Just wondering this just to make sure i dont have to go out of...