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Kalysta L.’s Avatar
Kalysta L. Oct 19, 2021 130 views

How do books get published?

One thing I never understood is how books get published after writing them, does anyone know what happens? Thanks! author writing...


Angelina P.’s Avatar
Angelina P. Apr 04, 2017 808 views

What are some careers that you can go into with a Political Science degree?

I'm actually asking this for my brother. He would like to go into political science, but he doesn't know what he could do with that degree. He doesn't want to be a teacher or a there anything else? Thanks so much! career science history political-science...


morgan H.’s Avatar
morgan H. Oct 23, 2020 189 views

what is it like in the day in the life of a political scientists?

Im in the 11th grade and I'm a liberal and I am very interested in politics and science politicalscientist science...


Angelina P.’s Avatar
Angelina P. Jul 10, 2017 17197 views

If you were your own manager for one day, what would you change?

If you were in charge of the department you work in for one day, what would you do differently? Would it be something with the actual work you do, or the place you work in? Thanks for your time! career-choice change-management project-management professional-training computer-software...

law information-technology telecommunications healthcare

Nathan C.’s Avatar
Nathan C. Dec 18, 2021 172 views

As a high school student, what should I do to get an internship relating to computer science?

I've looked around the internet a bit but still have some questions, it seems like it is hard but somewhat feasible for a high schooler to land an internship. I would say I know python well and in school I am taking AP computer science where I am learning java. But my questions are what should...

computer-software computer-science internship technology

Bryson H.’s Avatar
Bryson H. Oct 19, 2021 148 views

What advice would you give to someone considering being a programer?

I am a sophomore in high school, who is taking college courses for programming right now from a local college. I have been interested in coding since 8th grade and now I feel like that is what my future will be. college college-major tech technology # computer computer computer-science...

computer-software programmer programming program

Bryson H.’s Avatar
Bryson H. Oct 19, 2021 165 views

What are some drawback of being a computer programmer?

I am a sophomore in high school, who is taking college courses for programming right now from a local college. I have been interested in coding since 8th grade and now I feel like that is what my future will be. computer programming computer-programming computer-software computer-science...

microcomputerapplications tech technology program

natalie K.’s Avatar
natalie K. Oct 19, 2021 117 views

What are jobs where i get to work with specail needs children?

im a junior in highschool. i want to help special needs kids learn but in not sure of the teacher setting. I currently participate in a cheer team that combines athletes with and without disiabilities and really enjoy that. teaching...


Maddy S.’s Avatar
Maddy S. Oct 19, 2021 190 views

Is studying abroad a good idea for an International Marketing major?

I was wondering if studying abroad for some of college would be good if I want to travel as a job in business or marketing. business marketing college...


Jerry D.’s Avatar
Jerry D. Oct 27, 2020 227 views

Steps to become a buisness owner

Im a junior in highschool and i want to open my own store and i was wondering what higher education and or work experience is needed to complete my goal general colleges...


natalie K.’s Avatar
natalie K. Oct 20, 2021 127 views

what are possible internships in special education

i was informed about was an intership could help me with other jobs in the special education other than teaching and i want to understand what those could include, and other information on those education teaching college...


Demetrius P.’s Avatar
Demetrius P. Nov 02, 2021 160 views
zayn L.’s Avatar
zayn L. Oct 19, 2021 107 views

what skill do you need to be in law enforcement such as a police officer or park ranger

i'm zayn i'm a sophomore in high school its been my dream to be in law enforcement law is...

natalie K.’s Avatar
natalie K. Oct 19, 2021 101 views

are there any advancements available for special education careeres?

i want to get involed in assisting special needs patients but i want to know how far this will take me or if there are advancements i can make education specialneeds...


Angelina P.’s Avatar
Angelina P. Feb 04, 2017 3797 views

What will make you stand out at a job interview?

Hey! I was just wondering what could make me stand out a little when I go to a job interview. Would it be something that I would say, something that I would do, or something else? Thank you! business medicine teaching law technology interviews information-technology...


Dakota B.’s Avatar
Dakota B. Oct 27, 2020 186 views

What section of cosmetology is harder nails, hair or makeup?

Personally which section do you believe is the hardest to learn and why? and the second part is What way has the biggest amount of clients in it? Like do some people get more nail clients, hair clients and or makeup clients? college-majors nails cosmetology...


Eric W.’s Avatar
Eric W. Nov 02, 2021 96 views

What is the career success rate for Registered Nurses

Thank you for agreeing to this informational interview. My name is Eric. I am a Cleveland Job Corps student, and I am reaching out to you because I believe I would enjoy a career in healthcare nursing registered-nurses nurse or LPN, and I would appreciate your perspective on the practical...

Bryce S.’s Avatar
Bryce S. Oct 23, 2020 287 views

What courses in college are required when majoring in physical therapy?

I am a senior in high school, and I am still trying to decide what to major in for college. I have a few ideas as to what I may want to major in and physical therapy is one of my top choices. Learning about the required college courses can help me understand what to expect for this major....

physicaltherapy courses choosing-a-major

Morgan L.’s Avatar
Morgan L. Oct 23, 2020 185 views

What does a job in agriculture entail?

I'm looking into a job in animal agriculture, but would like to hear from someone in that field what the job is like, what it entails, and what a day in your life is like. How long are you working every day? How expensive is it to care for all the animals? Would it be better to have my own...

farming social-work jobs animals agriculture